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Garage Door Teleco TVNRG868

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Wanting to control a roller shutter garage door that uses a Teleco TVNRG868 controller

Ideal want up/down/stop with GUI showing open or close state

The garage controller has high/low voltage terminals. However wiring into the low voltage 19, 20 and 21 which are COM/NO/NC respectively doesn't get the desired control

The COM+NO tapping wires together performs the following
1st tap - open
2nd tap - stop
3rd tap - close

Whenever the low voltage NC is wired nothing works

I'm going to wire a magnetic sensor to the garage door to show open/close state but based on what I have above can anyone suggest the most elegant way of controlling?
For example would I need to program control via a variable but then if for example I want to go from 1st tap open to close I then need to do a double tap process in the prgramming? meaning again if I go from open -> stop -> but then want open again I'd need to program for double tap

This is really annoying not least because the door beeps with every command so would seem to be beeping too much to the client potentially and also its increasing the motor start, stop, move function over time its potentially doubling the times the motor is opening/closing/stoping and hence wearing the motor more

Appreciate hearing from others if there's a better way. Included the terminal layout in case I'm missing something



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6 hours ago, kemiktheviking said:


100% I've tested it and thats what happens when I touch the wires it does motion -> stop -> reverse motion otherwise I wouldn't have an issue if it was just toggle

Sounds like a standard garage door toggle to me.  Wait until the door is fully open or fully closed before testing again and it should skip the stop.

Standard garage door driver is what you want as it allows for toggle control and magnetic reed feedback.

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