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Just released: IRUSB version 2 adds uWave PIR motion sensor

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Just released:   IRUSB version 2

Our popular IRUSB devices have been upgraded!

We have replaced the IR RX sensor (which no one was using) with a PIR (passive infrared) motion sensor.  This new sensor is fully integrated in our C4 driver for configuration, motion state, and motion triggers.

How can you use this?

  1. Hands free switch:  Configure the sensor for very short range (~2ft) and set to toggle mode.  Wave your hand near the sensor to "toggle" the switch -> which can be tied to anything in C4
  2. Short range live object motion sensing:  Configure the sensor for max range (~10ft).  Acts like a standard thermal motion sensor.

IRUSBv2 motion sensing can also be used WITHOUT an attached Android device.  It can issue USB HID and / or IR TX commands (from flash memory) directly in response to motion events.  This allows you to plug it into the USB port of generally any device and use the motion trigger to turn it ON / OFF  (or other keyboard/hid commands).  For IR control, just use a USB power supply for IRUSB and position IRUSB over the IR eye of the device to control.  The motion event can fire saved IR codes to turn the device ON/OFF.

Of course, the new version still provides FAST IP control of Android devices.  Nothing has changed here, the same drivers work.  IP GUI control + IR TX extension + PIR motion sensing

IRUSBv2 is the same price as the prior version.  All IRUSB orders will ship the new version starting now!

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