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Any remote Josh dealers?


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Hey everyone - curious if "remote dealer" is a thing for Josh like it is for Control4?

I'm outside North America and unfortunately Josh isn't available here. I am very underwhelmed with our current Alexa set up and would love to play with Josh and see if it is right for us.

I am more than happy to buy some second hand bits (thinking a Core and a Nano to start) and physically install it myself if a remote dealer can log in and activate it for us. Appreciate I won't get support or warranty etc from Josh for this type of setup and I'm ok with taking that risk.

Thanks all :)


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That's right, not available in my area yet, which is why I'm looking at second hand gear, self install and a remote dealer to help with the activation, setup and initial configuration.

If there are licensing, legal, terms of use, etc reasons why it isn't available yet outside North America then I'll steer clear and wait for an official path. But if it is just an operational decision that Josh has made to allow them to focus their support and sales efforts in the North American market first, I'm eager to try and get it working with the help of a registered dealer.

From their FAQ it appears to be a language processing decision - they're focusing on English first. As I'm in an English speaking country, and don't mind my digital assistants having a U.S. accent, that part doesn't phase me. I've reached out to Josh directly to ask about this approach too.

If there aren't any legal blockers, I'd like to find a dealer who is able to assist from the U.S since we don't have any dealers where I live.

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