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Refreshing Thermostats Connection after Power Loss

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Hi, Not sure if this is possible at all. 

I have a macro setup that will refresh all the switch colors and comfort settings after a power loss in the house, after startup there is a 30s delay than it runs. one thing I would like it to do if possible is run the "Get Thermostats" script that would be under the actions tab for my Nuheat Floor Thermostats. After some feedback NuHeat  (it wasn't nuheat and I forget who made it for them) added a refresh button in the navigator under extras but you have to go in and hit it. This is no big deal if you know there was a power loss but sometimes you don't if it was overnight

Is there a way to run something that is under the actions tab if its not shown in the variables or options under the programming tab in composer? This is more of an annoyance than anything else I have my floor heat turn off after 2hrs incase the kids leave it on and if I lose power sometimes there is a warm floor on for the day. 


I should mention my drivers are versions, they are newer than what's on the server those should be updated as the refresh in the navigator is real nice for the consumer as it avoids a pile of service calls for no reason. 

Controller - 4224

T stat - 4151



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Secondary to this, I have a Triad 24x24 AMS and every time lose power I lose the EQ settings on my paired sub channels. I am using the AMS to bass boost on the lows as I am not using sub specific amps. It works great for my application until a power lose and it defaults back to the low pass filter and I have to go into composer to reset it back to the custom setting. This may be a change the amp or add a true EQ as an answer but if can be done in composer that would be great. 

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46 minutes ago, RAV said:

How often do you loose power?
For how long?
You may want to invest in a UPS for your processor and matrix (and other related non amplifier components)

More than I would want, live a woodsy area and trees knock it out often or get a brown out

For sure a good consideration for the matrix and controller and nvr

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