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Composer question.... 1.7.0 -> 1.7.4


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Is there any material benefit in moving from 1.7.0 -> 1.7.4? I'm quite happy with the system and it's stability, and I've no reason, to date, to move beyond 1.7 in general. Someday I'll want something new and make the 2.x jump, but it's not now :). So specifically stuff like:

- Is performance better/worse?

- Any stability issues/benefits?

And, of course, since I don't know if it's still available/where to get it, does the 1.7.0 version of composer still work or will I need to hunt for a 1.7.4 copy?

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The main difference between any of the .0 and .x releases are typically bugfixes.

If I were still on pre-Pro, I would update to 1.7.4.

You should not use a different version of Composer than you have on your master controller.


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You can actually find the HE downloads at your my.control4.com account.

Once you logon on the opening screen there is a link at the top/right for downloads.

Edit: You must of course have an active HE license# registered.

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