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Digital Media Player - Blu Ray ISO?


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Is there a digital media player out there that supports blu ray ISO files? I'm trying to decide between the sony blu ray mega changer or replacing my eva8000 with something more up to date, and the primary focus for me is being able to play my growing blu ray collection. Wife doesn't like the MKV approach I have now because she loses the menu, all the extras, etc. My preference would also be that it integrate with C4 of course.


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I have a PopCorn Hour C200, it's about $100 cheaper than the Dune Prime. I have only a couple of BluRay ISO's that don't play, but within the next few days there will be a new firmware update that will fix the issues (or so I am told). I find that it works very well and there is an IP driver for it, my dealer just got it for me and it works great. I don't know about the Dune, but the PCH requires a bit of computer savvy, but it really works well when you get it set up. It will pass through all audio to my receiver including 7.1 and DTS Master HD. I played both the disc and the ISO and the quality is identical as far as I can see. I run it on a Denon 890 and Pioneer Elite Plasma at 24 FPS and the PCH supports that very well. I have Drobo with 8TBs connected to my PC and stream the movies over my lan. I'm pretty happy with the setup.

Hope that helps

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