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Kwikset locks - where do I buy them?


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I just purchased 4 of them from homedepot.com. They carry the brass and nickel finish in the stores, but the bronze finish has be purchased onlone. They are only $98 through Home Depot.

Toby.......guess what? Your going back to Home Depot to return those lol..........they will not connect to your C4 system. The ones you need are $249 each. They have to have zigbee in them. The ones you bought are just the smart key. They do not have " home connect" feature.

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Quick update. I tried to order the Home Connect version online via ASI. However, I discovered their models are Z-Wave and not Zigbee. The price for the Z-Wave is $250 and $350 for the Zigbee version which is only available through a Control4 dealer. At that price, I decided to just add Kwikset Smart Codes deadbolts to all doors except the door from the garage to the house. I will install a Control4 version there, allowing me to use it to turn on lights, activate/deactivate security system etc.

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Toby, I have one of each in my house. One that is plain jane smartcode Kwikset, the other identical in looks is the Zigbee version.

These locks are IDENTICAL except for the chip/board that gets inserted into the top of the unit.

Other than that they are the same. It's my hope that one day I'll get access to buy the board and slip it into the non zigbee lock that I have.

Unfortunately my Kwikset rep in Western Canada tells me that it'll be a while before I'm able to by parts for these.

Hold onto yours and keep your fingers crossed.

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