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Sony BluRay Player with Internet TV


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Control FunctionIP Control (MDCP) : Yes (DVR/STB)

IR Blaster Control : Yes (DVR/STB/AUDIO)

RF Remote Control : Yes

Sounds like the remote is RF, though the app will have to be wifi.

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Has anybody started to think about how to integrate one of these?


It sounds like they're coming out with an Android app to act as the remote, which would solve that problem. Does anybody know if that remote is IR or RF?

Nice find Dan. I've also read the remote is RF. Man... that remote looks like it should belong to a 1980's Commodore 64.....

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I've got to say this Google TV looks pretty sick. It looks like for those with video distribution you'll ned one behind each display, with the matrix into going into the Google box, then out to the TV...an I seeing that right? It looks like it is setup specific to each display, which would make distribution impossible...

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