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For Sale: Netgear EVA9150


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I'm selling one of my Netgear EVA9150's. It has been mounted in the rack the whole time on a shelf, and is in perfect condition. I have the box will all the original contents, as well as the factory remote.

If you're interested make an offer.

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it does not support blu-ray .iso files, and processor isn't beefy enough for blu ray rip as it will drop frames/stutter on anything with combined bit rate over 40Mbit without re-encoding.

*edit to add*

I'm not trying to bag on Dan's unit/sale.

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Ouch...at that price I will keep it around for YouTube viewing....

If there are any other offers I'd be interested in hearing them.

Dan will these units play blu-ray iso rips?

I can successfully playback MKV files at 1080p with no problems, but no Bluray ISO's.

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