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HDMI to component


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I am planning adding an HDMI matrix to my c4 project soon. One issue that I will encounter will be my slingbox Pro. It only accepts Component input.

Has anyone encountered this problem and found a solution yet? I need to go from HDMI to component into the slingbox Pro...

I have read in the past about HD Fury....Can not find where to purchase this product?!?!?!?

Has it been discontinued??????

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You obviously haven't used a slingbox....

Its a great device, and works well with the c4 driver....

hate to lose its functionality.

The hdfury website says you can buy at sewell and monoprice, but neither site says they are available for sale.

Other sites are overseas. Never heard of and don't know if reputable.

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Slingbox + Component Sunset = Bad Business Model

You're not joking! I just realized mine doesn't have it either! DAMN!

I am getting ready to make the HDMI jump...this is another reason to wait a little longer.

Personally' date=' I'd wait until you had a serious conflict.

Because they don't work.

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