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  1. I have to give another thumbs up to the guys at Coolabode. After having them do the remote programming I needed on my main system, I decided to add C4 to our vacation house. They were incredible. Kyle initially helped me plan and get my controller set up and updated; Andrzej worked with me on a weekend and we were able to get everything up and running. System working great. My family is even happy with it. If you are looking for remote programming, driver installation, etc they are the guys to call.
  2. I was looking for some help with my system when my local company couldn't help me. I saw this thread and contacted Coolabode. I was a little apprehensive giving access to my system to a company in another country whom I hadn't met. I have to say I have had a stellar experience. Not only did they respond quickly but they answered my questions without any problem and quickly remotely programmed everything I needed. I worked with Kyle and could not have asked for a better more knowledgable person. I am so glad I tried them and am already talking to them about a new project. I wish I would have heard about them earlier.
  3. Has anyone had good experience with any remote temperature sensors? Our issue is that the second floor thermostat is in a hall and our kids tend to keep their bedroom doors closed and their rooms get really cold. I hate to just turn the tstat up higher which is what I’ve been doing.
  4. I think it requires the driver from UnilogIQ. It appears to be a driver for the Hue motion sensors that allows control of lights through C4. I'm wondering if anyone has had much experience using it and how well it works.
  5. I have been trying to add Hue to my system specifically to use the outdoor motion sensors to control the outdoor lights. The bridge seems to be installed fine with the driver and shows its IP, Bridge MAC ,etc but I can't seem to find the motion sensors in Control4. Am I missing something obvious? As far as I know, there shouldn't be another driver needed. On my Hue app I see the motion sensors. Thanks.
  6. Thanks for sharing GoGo. This will be handy!!
  7. I have the Pentair Intellitouch 9 + 3s with the iLink attached to my C4 system. It works great but no iPad/iPhone support strictly the ts and onscrenn GUI. Bryan at the SOHO Shop did set up programming so I can use my iPad to turn on the cleaner, waterslide and lights via the iLink but I don't get any feedback from the system to let me know what it is doing. I think the software/driver that Pentair has for the i devices is around $250 - 300 but probably wouldn't have anything to do with C4.
  8. Would I need to use any type of heat shield to cover the relay or should I just keep it to the front and side of the firebox?
  9. I spoke with the dealer that installed my gas log sets and they confirmed I will need to change my valve in order to allow remote control. I am looking at the Real Fyre APK-17 which includes the valve with the millivolt connection and a receiver but no remote. I figure I don't want the remote or wall switch that goes with the system since I will be using the CA relay or C4 fireplace switch. I am leaning toward the CA since I think it can be in the fireplace and I can avoid running a wire through the wall into the fireplace. Am I right? Thanks.
  10. I finally found the info on my gas logs. The control was made by Robert H. Peterson Company and is a model SPK-20. There does not appear to be any contacts on the control to attach a remote receiver. The log set is from the same manufacturer and says "Real-Fyre" gas log set. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  11. I will look when I get home tonight and post what I find. Thanks for your help.
  12. Can someone explain to me the difference between using a Control4 fireplace switch and a Card Access relay. I have been in contact with Skytech since they have a variety of controls but I am not sure if I installed one of their controls in my fireplace that I could somehow control it with C4.
  13. Thanks everyone for your input. I remember when I first bought my system that on the Control4 website it showed a fireplace being controlled. I though it was a neat idea. The reason I want to do it now is the manual control is a little difficult to reach easily especially when the fireplace has been on for a while and everything is really hot. I have to get an oven mitt to turn it off. Sometimes my kids will turn it on and off and I don't want them to accidentally touch something and get burned. I thought tying it in to the system might be my answer.
  14. Mine is a manual gas control valve. If I had it replaced with an electronic valve are there any that would be preferable to using with C4?
  15. I have two gas fireplaces that I would like to add to my system. They both have a manual control knob to turn on/off. I have heard of integrating fireplaces that have a remote control already in place. Does anyone know of a way to convert my control to something that could ultimately be controlled by C4? Thanks.
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