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  1. Hello all, trying to program a color button to toggle from hdmi 1 to hdmi 2 and back to hdmi 1 when pressed again. I can program a delay to work but not a toggle. The follow doen't work but if I substitute a "Delay 5 second" for the "Stop" command that works. Maybe I need variables? When command "Blue Butotn" is received ? If the current input is = HDMI 1 Set input to HDMI 2 on the Family Room>Samsung TV Stop ? If the current input is = HDMI 2 Set input to HDMI 1 on the Family Room>Samsung TV
  2. Is the Mymovies driver still needed? I'm on 2.9 currently and have been running mymoives on my server connected to the mymovies driver for years.
  3. I have one of those dtv compatible Samsung tv. Installer didn't know how to set it up so I did it myself then had to have the dtv guy call in and let me talk to the techs. You have to pay a box fee and register the tv like a box. Is it a good solution? No it sucks really bad. Super slow, needs resetting all the time. Maybe it's my internet pass through on my coax not sure but any DTV box is sooo much better. I have a wifi IP to IR setup powered off the TV's USB port to get the C4 remote to work with the TV. That actually works fine.
  4. Does control4 have a samsung tv driver with Directv rvu controls mapped in yet? I need my sr250 to work like samsungs new remote so when I hit the guide or menu button on my sr250 I want it to open the rvu dtv channel guide not the samsung tv guide. This is for a samsung tv with RVU compatibility connected via cat6 networked to a genie with itach flex sending ir commands. Thx
  5. For the last two months my directv box keeps changing the channel by itself. I know this was caused by their last update impacting the ip users on automated systems. I don't see anyone else complaining is their a solution? I believe I am using the EV IP Driver.... My wife is going to kill me if it changes one more time while she is watching a show on the buffer and she misses the end of the show! Thx
  6. Hello... Let's not be thread hijackers;)
  7. One second per button for a monkey;(
  8. Looking for a remote with all the buttons intact and buttons in good shape for a button transplant in to a new sr250 that had its buttons plucked out this evening:mad:
  9. Want to by broken sr250, let me know what you have. Sim
  10. Looking to buy the thin bezel 55" Samsung LED LCD that has the Ethernet port in it. Is there a driver that control4 can control over ip? Thanks Sim
  11. I have to agree on many of the points made in this thread. I really like my new control4 system but I'm also surprised how hard it is to do some really basic things. With AT&T and ADT starting to enter the home automation market and probably more to come. My guess is many of us will be upgrading to a better system for a lot less money from a mainstream company that enters the home automation market. I hope this doesn't happen but Control4's media, GUI and need I bring up the app store.... Control4 has a WOW factor to the general public NOW, but that could change overnight. I don't want to see this happen but come on. My duneplayer and mymovies with the free iPad app is WOW. Control4 has some nice hardware that comes to life with a great dealer/programer and lots of drivers but the gui and media integration that lags behind should be the thing that keeps C4 advancing not the thing that brings it down.
  12. Hit me up on email if you have a Control4 7" C4-TSM7-G-B Wireless Portable Touch Panel in good working condition to sell. Thanks Sim
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