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  1. I second the Android box with Kodi and Chowmain driver. Cheap box, lots of functionality.
  2. I use AllConnect on my Asus ZenFone 3 and it AirPlays just fine.
  3. Tried that and it can work sometimes, but not a real fix. Shaw will not admit there's an issue. I hate Shaw Direct. Seems like their gear is junk.
  4. Not really a Control4 problem so I didn't post it in troubleshooting. Client's system has 4 Shaw Direct receivers, 3 DSR630 and 1 other model, can't remember what it is. 600 maybe? I'm not there at the moment but will explain the best I can. 4 satellite receivers, AppleTV, blu-ray and 2 Kaleidescape players into CE Labs 8x8 HSW88C matrix. 5 TVs, 2 through AVRs, 3 using the TV as the audio endpoint. All other sources work perfectly, picture and sound, in all zones. The three Shaw 630s have no audio in any zone. I have tried every combination of settings for output type PCM, etc. but still no luck. I have set the 3 non-working receivers to the exact settings of the one that works, but they still don't work. The client had Shaw replace the 3 receivers and the new 3 Arris branded boxes (same box, different name?) have the same issue. Is this a problem with this model? Shaw can't come up with a solution and they are mostly just useless, reading the script over the phone and not knowing what to do. Have tried different HDMI cables and all the obvious stuff. Haven't messed with the DIP switches on the back of the matrix because all of the receivers did work at one time, leading me to believe it is an issue introduced by a firmware or software update in the satellite receivers, Any thoughts?
  5. I have noticed these issues also with TuneIn on 2.8.2. I hope they fix it soon. In the meantime I have a Sonos that works fine, but you have to work around the Wakeup limitation, create a wakeup and then have the room switch to the sonos favorite when the wakeup fires. Stupid.
  6. The new Hunter Douglas interface is slick.Find on the network, create a MAC based IP reservation in the router. It gives you access to all the scenes you set up in the HD app. It's great.
  7. You don't need to do it that way. You can use custom buttons on your GUIs to control multiple screens and there are 3rd party drivers for multiple TVs. Adding rooms for extra TVs is clunky.
  8. More interesting. I have found a workaround. I put my music back into folders for A, B, C etc. but further broke it up so that the folders are smaller. I created A1, A2, etc. making sure there are less than 200 or so subfolders in each folder. I created an individual NFS for each A1, A2, etc. folder and scanned them one at a time. It seems to be finding everything. A few strange hiccups in a few folders such as F, where it would scan the first 18 of 62 folders then just...stop. So I moved the unscanned folders into F2 and scanned again and it found the rest of them no problem. It seems so random.
  9. This is interesting. Moved all my music out of the A, B, C etc. and to the root of the share on recommendation of C4 tech support. From \\share\music\A\artist\ \\share\music\B\artist\ \\share\music\C\artist\ etc. To \\share\artist\ Deleted library from C4 and rescanned. Still missing many artists. Found 3 random missing artists and created an NFS pointing at their directories individually. Rescanned. Now they work. Too many artists missing to make this a feasable solution; I'd have 500 NFS connected. This is a known C4 issue now apparently and really needs to be fixed.
  10. A USB stick works fine. It's just TuneIn. And only with the wakeup. If I choose a TuneIn station directly it works fine. The odd time it takes a few seconds longer than normal but that could be the station I suppose. My router is a NetGear WNDR3700v3 running the latest DD-WRT build. DNS is set to Google. I might snag a Ubiquiti USG from work and try that. I spoke to C4 yesterday and the tech admitted to me that there is an issue with TuneIn because the backend is different on it than on other music services for some reason. Also admitted that there is an issue with the media player which explains my media library problems from the other thread I posted recently. Good thing I spent all this money on a new EA5 for the better audio features, none of which actually work.
  11. Done that several times. It won't fix it.
  12. I've been having issues with the wakeup agent, well not really with the wakeup agent it seems, but with something else related, and Control4 Tech Support has not come up with a fix. So I created a wakeup for my bedroom at 6am, to play a TuneIn station in the room. No luck. It doesn't work. I create a wakeup to play music from a USB stick instead. It works. I created a Push for the wakeup, and I get the notification every morning to say the wakeup fired, but the wakeup does nothing in the bedroom. I thought the wakeup agent was at fault, so I created a scheduler for 6am, and when it fires, I have it turn on the bedroom to the TuneIn station. It doesn't work. I add 5 more lines of 'set media to tunein station bla bla bla' and it works maybe 1 in 5 times. So I seem to have a TuneIn issue. I have the same station programmed to turn on in the ensuite when the light turns on and it works every time. So the TuneIn station favorite is fine. It seems to be an issue with the wakeup agent AND the TuneIn favorite. Very frustrating. Thoughts?
  13. I'm having an issue with the Control4 music player that is quite frustrating. C4 tech support has absolutely no answers for me. I have a large media library on a NAS, organized in folders by artist, 0-9, A, B, C....etc. For example: \NAS\Volume_1\Music\0-9\ \\NAS\Volume_1\Music\A\ \\NAS\Volume_1\Music\B\ You get the idea. The original NAS was a DNS-323 that I thought might be the issue (file permissions, a known bug on these things) but I switched it all over to my newer (and better with file permissions) DNS-320. I have also changed from the HC800 that originally gave me the problems (thought that might be it) to a new EA5, and I rebuilt my project from scratch, which was no small project. No luck. Side note, the new EA processor sounds better than the 800. But that doesn't really matter right now, because half my music doesn't f$%king work. So I create a Network File Storage, let's say \\NAS\Music\ and I select all of the audio formats and have it scan for files. It misses probably half of my library. For example, under the T subdirectory, 'The Beatles' directory is completely missing. Under B, 'Beck' folder is not showing. So just for fun I create another separate share, \\NAS\Music\T\The Beatles\ or \\NAS\Music\B\Beck\ and scan it. Everything is there. Does Control4 have an issue with directories? Can they only be so 'deep'? I remember in older versions being able to see all of my music, but with the latest few updates, I cannot see all of it, so I can't listen to it. I'm very disappointed in this (it USED TO work fine!) especially with the new EA processor, which they brag is so wonderful for music. I don't understand why if I scan the root music directory, which has subdirectories 0-9 and A, B, C......Z, it misses tons of content but if I create a new share for the specific artist, it works. This is very annoying. Any experience? Help? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here is my last - frustrated - post from last year when the issue started! I use the HC-800 music player and it has always worked fine until I upgraded my HC-800 to 2.8. I'm not sure if that is what started this issue or it is just a coincidence. I have a NAS drive and a Network share set up in control4 to point to it. I have a Music directory on the NAS containing all of my music files, in subdirectories A, B, C, etc. followed by the Artist folder, album folder, etc. When I scan the music in Composer it trolls through all of the directories (takes a few hours) then I can see the music under Listen--->My Music in the system. But it always misses some folders and some music is missing that always worked before. The Music share points to the NAS, something like this: \\NAS\Music I have the correct user and password for the share. It finds most of the music. I did a test and created a second share for a particular folder and subfolders that are missing: \\NAS\Music\Artist I directed the new network share to that folder. That folder 'Artist' containing 10 subfolders, each one an album. This worked, and the music showed up. But when I direct the share back to the original root of the share it does not find or display the contents of that same folder or subfolders. So I know the music files are valid because the test share finds them and I can play them, but the original share for some reason will not. The User I use to log into the NAS has full read/write permissions, and none of the files are hidden/archives/etc. I cannot seem to find anything about file ownership that I am able to change, but I don't think that is the issue anyway, because the second share I created finds the files that the first didn't. Any Suggestions?
  14. Recently changed from HC800 to EA5 and rebuilt project from scratch. Still have wakeup issue. I'm out of ideas.
  15. Use an HC200 (worth about $5 these days), put it on the network and plug RS232 into it. Or an I/O.
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