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  1. Looking for a dealer to discuss possible plans for a house I just purchased. I currently have a C4 system with Audio and Video Matrix. Would like to discuss and consider options for bringing this with me.
  2. I tried to Message you but it said you can't receive messages for some reason
  3. I bet my driver isn't the latest or updated with SDDP though. Original install was in 2014 and I don't believe the Tivo driver has been updated. Unless it was automatically updated during C4 updates?
  4. Thanks, that's what I figured it was. I will fix it tonight.
  5. First off, I’m an end user. I control my TiVo mini with my C4 remote. C4 sends IP commands, not IR. Yesterday the power went out at the house. Later In the day, the TiVo wasn’t being controlled by C4. I tried rebooting the controller but didn’t help. I obviously rebooted the TiVo as well. I don’t know what Ip address the C4 had for the TiVo. Can I check this with HC? I’m wondering if the TiVo ip address changed other ideas?
  6. I was searching the forums for exactly this discussion about the BACK button. I watch a lot HBO, Netflix, and Amazon apps within my Tivo. It drives me NUTS when i accidentally select the wrong video and I can't press the "BACK" button. Instead, I have to completely leave the app, go back to the Tivo Menu, and then re-enter the app all again. It's slow. So I bringing this thread back up again in hopes that @RyanE or someone else can help me on this one.
  7. When I put in my system in 2014 I got the stand alone touch screen. Recently it died (not exactly sure why or how) and I have been going without one but I'm really starting to miss it. What kind of cost am I looking at to get a new one?
  8. Btw, thanks for this thread. I just bought it and now I need to go find a dealer to put it in!
  9. That's probably the case because my dealer didn't understand how to 'Set Up' the Alexa driver/integration. I'm the one who actually told him about it :-). So I have them tied into Lighting Scenes because he didn't enable it properly. Its been a while since I played with it, so I can't recall what exactly needs to be enabled. So please excuse my ignorance. I'm asking this question because I would like to do additional scenes/rooms and the On/Off is a frustration I have. I may just proceed with the Epic driver anyway because I don't like the delay.
  10. Question, with my current driver I have to say "Alexa turn on XYZ". but I can't say Turn OFF XYZ, I have it programmed for "Turn On XYZ OFF". Will the Epic driver let me do this?
  11. Thanks for starting this thread. I'm finally getting around to setting this up and that other thread did get hijacked. I was hoping to find a good summary of how to integrate Scenes. Below are the issues I ran into.... I am not a dealer and I have Composer HE. I did NOT see the Voice Scenes option so last night I went in and added an Advanced Lighting Scene. I added a scene called "Master TV" and programmed it to turn on. I thought that would be it but when I went to myControl4 website, the scene wouldn't appear in the list. I tried to activate it with Composer HE but that did nothing. It said the scene was 'Inactive' I've never programmed scenes before, maybe I'm missing something? I've only done Custom Buttons thus far. It would be nice if I could have scenes to invoke the custom buttons. So my questions are... 1) Do I need a dealer to activate scenes? Or did I do something wrong? **Update** Of course I check this morning and it's there. Maybe there is a delay for it to get back to the myControl4 website? Now I'm excited to check this out when I get home today 2) Similar to 1, if a dealer turns on Voice Scenes in my system, will I need a dealer to ADD scenes to my Voice Scenes? I can't add/delete scenes myself?
  12. I'm in that boat. This new shade will be Powerview and my other shades are the Platinum. I haven't purchased either bridge yet but will have to buy both with this install. I'm not sure what HD was thinking there. I know platinum is still available but I would have to get another platinum remote anyway. So why not a newer one.
  13. doh, my dealer isn't the fastest person to respond. I still have open issues he hasn't resolved. (my other posts on the forums) Thanks for the help!
  14. Sorry, I called it a "Box" but it's a wall/junctionbox with a blank plate over it. Bsaically its a standard plug/outlet wiring is inside it capped off. I'm not knowledgeable on wiring so I'm not sure what you mean when you say " qty 6 18gague composite cabling ". After googling it, I'm getting the impression that the easiest thing to do is to tell my electrician to extend that existing wire and put a plug on the inside of my window frame? Assuming this is possible. Kind of like this...
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