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  1. A fire tv is a terrible idea for audio? Ok. I can see no matter what I say you will do your best to twist all around to your liking. The Never assume comment was just for you. I really wish you and you company the best sir you have a Great day
  2. Out of 8 inputs 1 is bound to be for audio only. Move audio only input to the controller, connect audio from fire tv to input on amp that the previous audio in was located that was moved to the controller. Fix end points and test. No audio out on the fire tv? Since we are Never assuming what version he has and it could be the HDMI stick, the use an audio from HDMI stripper. Wyrestorm sells great ones for reasonable price. Then proceed as above. One thing you learn very quickly in this business is to offer several options to a do it yourselfer. The video solution that is above was already stated by Matt Lowe so if that was not the answer the customer was looking for since the lack of a reply I offered a audio only solution as well. Sorry to offend the all knowing Cyknight and you have yourself a great day
  3. I would assume it would be for house audio so there would be no lips to sync. And there is always ways around audio to video sync if that would become an issue
  4. If you have a ea3 or above you could use the audio in to digitize the fire audio since it's probably one of the audio matrix ins already
  5. Also have access to all of the Houselogix drivers for items that Control4 does not currently control.
  6. some companies like Lutron will take your existing curtain material and make a shade with it but at a hefty price. it woud be best to use a brand like qmotion or such and find the material that you like for your current ones on one of their retail version. Link to their website. they have several versions
  7. Ah yes you've got me thinking how I that now too. That would be very handy
  8. KevinLee

    C4 Guru???

    ah the post on the forum on the c4 website. Ya myself and a few others did that long ago. mine was back in Nov. but some are a year or so old
  9. KevinLee

    Custom Theater Installs

    Fabric Walls and Star Ceiling install
  10. KevinLee

    C4 Guru???

    hrm ok and where do we set that up
  11. KevinLee

    C4 Guru???

    they should have one for dealers
  12. the file below is for the panorama 2 not the 1. it is one I learned and I didn't add the 2 to the end because it was a device I would never use again. welcome to try or welcome to not try. Best of luck. receiver_B_W Panorama SoundBar_Receiver.c4i
  13. I had to put a small piece of paper between the IR and the panorama then put gorilla tape over that. for some reason something in the room was making it double flash. I also included the Driverworks Serial version too if my IR driver doesn't work for you receiver_B_W Panorama SoundBar_Receiver.c4i receiver_serial_b&w_Panorama [DriverWorks].c4i
  14. If you add a Lilin camera or nvr it's video feed will show up under the security tab if that's what your asking? It even shows up on the c4 app
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