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  1. @Cyknight. Morning the ea-3 connects directly to a Sonos connect (s2). My intention is to group that with my Sonos arc in the living room. this way I can group c4 music in kitchen (from 8 zone amp) to the Sonos arc in the living room.
  2. Ea-3 —> 8 zone amp via rca (works perfect) ea-3 —> standard amp via digital coax out (no audio) the programmer configured the digital out as ‘Sonos connect’ as a room alongside my kitchen, living room etc etc
  3. Hi friends, my wonderful new programmer has configured my ea-3 to output audio from the ea-3 digital coax out. I also have audio from the line out to a 8 zone amp. My intention is to feed the coax audio to a separate amp ( such as sonos connect or port). I am getting NO audio when I add the new room to my list. …just white noise. When I connected it to an old sonos amp, I could hear the audio, very faint and garbled when I turned the volume right up. I know it’s not my sonos amp, as that works perfect. The audio to the 8 zone amp works around the house, so I know it’s not the way-3. is there something I’m missing which is preventing audio simultaneously play out of the 3.5mm. And the digit coAx?
  4. This was solved by @mujtaba.khokhar. What a legend. Highly recommend. Is there a better way to leave a positive review for him?
  5. I am trying to add my Samsung tv (connected to Sonos arc) as room to Control4 for tidal alongside rooms like kitchen and bedroom. the problem is the tv and arc is no where near my ea-3. does anyone know how to do this? I wasn’t able to connect the coax to the amp, (Sonos amp disables input when used as surrounds with arc). I could also leverage Apple TV 4K , acting as a room.
  6. Thank you so much for the reply. I guessed that was the case. I couldn’t see ‘mono‘ anywhere In The Control4 instructions. Sigh
  7. My issue is with screensaver not home page
  8. Hi friends I have a room with only one speaker , and assume I can’t add another or swap it out. So I’m stuck with one L+R speaker. does this amp support mono or is it stereo only? Could I set one of the rooms to mono ? Control4 8-Zone Matrix Amplifier C4-16AMP3-B chris
  9. An update on this project for other members i tried to (1) output from ea-3 direct into the Sonos amp (rca in). Doesn’t work as sonos disables line-in when the amp is used to power rear speakers (2) my arc is not close to ea-3 project failed
  10. I have the same issue. Only affects one touchscreen though . Looks like the bug forces the screen to default back to ‘indoor temp’.
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