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  1. I'm having the same problem on OS 2, I can't open the director....
  2. Hi everyone,  I have a EA1, how can I program the HDMI audio out as a source for nuvo multi-zone amp. I created a Aswitch driver to convert the signal from HDMI to Stereo, and install the following hardware (HDMI out from EA1 goes to Wyrestorm audio convertor, and from the convertor to the nuvo). but its didn't work, any ideas.
  3. Hi guys Can someone please help me and recommend what driver I should be using with Somfy RTS transmitter
  4. I have those, but I need to know how I can do it without using the apple device or the music bridge
  5. I want to be sure that I am not missing something. Do the EA controllers support Airpaly streaming directly from the controller without using Apple Express or Wireless Music Bridge?
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