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  1. Hi i have issues with my NEEO that it looses quite often the Wifi Connectivity , even though the WIFI coverage is good. The exact same thing happens to a friend of mine. Is anyone else experiencing that ? and do you know of a workaround ? Thanks
  2. Using Kodi 17.6 and the Scope Nox Skin. Will try Arctic Zephyr 2.
  3. any chance C4 might update this in futur versions ?
  4. me neither. and i've tried a lot of skins. But ok , i learn every day. But you are right, it's not the Menu but the On Screen Display. There has to be some sort of way to press that OK button and have it pop up. Right now i am using the GUIDE menu on the NEEO to have it pop up. It's already a pitty i have to say that it is impossible to rename those Buttons you create on the Neeo Screen.
  5. ok so in the Kodi menu , i can go left right up down. No issues. I can also go to a movie and press the OK/Select button and the movie starts. Once the movie has started though . the OK/Select Button is not working anymore. On other remotes , like the harmony for instance , you could still use the OK / Select button to pop up the Kodi Menu to change Subttitles, press play , pause , stop , fast forward , change languages , audio , etc... that's what's not working.
  6. Let me know what you find out. i already have that now .... would be cooler though to be able to use the menu button , i need the red blue green yellow button for other stuff.
  7. I already have the Kodi driver from Chowmain. But the OK Button from the Remote NEEO can not be used for the Menu button.
  8. Hey , no , i just need to control Kodi . But i haven't found a way to press for example the OK button on the NEEO so it shows the Menu while playing a movie. I thought it would be able to do via the IRUSB . But now i know it doesn't work
  9. Hey will the IRUSB work on an HTPC for better Kodi Control ? Or only on Android boxes ? Thanks
  10. yes , Philips Hue strips. Go up to 10m . a bit more expensive but works.
  11. mmmh , I don't know much about DMX.... i thought i could use just any Zigbee LED Controller to use with C4.
  12. I would like to add a 40ft (12m) LED Stripe to my config. Which LED's or which hardware setup including driver would you recommend ? Most LED stripes can be used up to a max of 33ft (10m). Thanks in advance.
  13. tbh, what does Kodi 18 have more that's really worth it ? not much ... I just hope DS Player comes back in Kodi 19. But that still leaves us with the commands of Madvr
  14. @enzeder i currently have the exact same probs. also vor Madvr and MPC-BE . But for the time being i prefer to use DS Player , works better atm.
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