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  1. UPDATE: A leader in Vera (Ezlo) forum said the driver development for Control4 is in their integration roadmap.
  2. Hi, Vera hubs got replaced by Ezlo (bought and slowly being replaced m firmware and hardware). This means the old micasa Verde drive won't work, have anyone hear anything on plans from either side to have the driver rewritten for control4 to support the new hubs or firmware? With control4 not supporting a variety of zwave device, vera was always the savour, this would not be good for the average Joe..
  3. Thanks, I I'm interested in beta testing. I submitted the ticket on the website.
  4. Hey @Amr, have you ever ended up getting Pandora working? same boat as you in Canada
  5. Was it that obvious? a little bit north of the border, if you need to know!! What's funny is that both iPhone app and Android app works well with no issues! but I guess what's fair is fair, I just really like Pandora in compare to Spotify and the rest of the options! My second option is to find a way to stream from Android (Chromecast like) directly to C4. ShareBridge works with Apple but still haven't find a way to stream from Android.
  6. Thanks, but unfortunately I keep getting this one now in lua: Err: CheckLicensing Response: FALSE. Not Performing Partner login or any further actions. This device is not authorized to play Pandora from this location. Timezone, and location both set to USA, but for some reason it won't budge, any one else experience the same issue?
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