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  1. Hi all My C4 dealer has recently stopped providing this service so looking for someone to add the above to my system and potentially look after it going forward. I am based in the UK but not sure if that makes much of a difference. Thanks all Jon
  2. Hi. How much for the puck switch and the neeo?
  3. Hi. I have a few Control4 audio matrix but want to get another audio matrix. How much would you want for the triad? Are you in the UK also?
  4. Hi all. Does anyone know of a matrix amplifier for sale? Either a 4 zone or 8 zone please. Would consider triad option also.
  5. Hi Maggie. I have found out that the controller I have is an older embernet based one so will. It work with the later version of C4. The seller was a bit naughty as I think they knew this but did not make it known. However he agreed to a partial refund abs I have used the case to make one of my tired looking remotes tidy again.
  6. Hi. Thanks for this. How do. you tell if it is on ember net and is it possible to upgrade it?
  7. Hi I hope one of you clever folk can help. I have purchased a second hand SR250 for a spare room and when I turn it on I get the "waiting for network" message on the screen. When I have tried to connect it to my network with my dealer (who is sadly stopping supporting control4 in a few days) it does not appear on his end of the system. I have tried the myriad of reset options and nothing. Any ideas? Cheers Jon
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