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Controlling pool pump from C4 relay?

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Is there a way to control a pool pump from a relay with Pool Heater Protection?  What I mean by that is that it would shut the heater off and then shut off a high powered relay five (or so) minutes later?  I guess that you could do this with two relays, but the one switching the pump would need to be higher powered to handle the pump load.  The heaters generally have a fireman's switch that shouldn't be an issue.

Here is an old-fashioned analog timer that can do this:


Note - I don't want to spend about $1000 for a crappy pool "automation" system as they all seem overpriced by about 10X.

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If your pump / heater is under 30A you can use the ELK-9200 with an C4 switch.

Or purchase an outdoor box, contactor, and an C4 switch.


I agree.. pool automation is way overpriced for what it is and does.  You can build a simple but very flexible  pool automation system with an EA1, contactor, and switch for a lot less.

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