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C4-Z2IO temperature sensor and control

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Hi all


I am installing a Zigbee 2 IO module (C4-Z2IO) to sense the temperature within a cabinet and based on the temperature, I want to control a 240V Control4 Wireless Puck Switch (C4-SM201-Z) on/off to essentially control a vent.

I know that the Z2IO has a relay built-in that could potentially control the 240V vent directly, but the vent is already on the C4 switch.

I would also like the current temperature to be displayed at all times.


What's the best set of drivers to be able to do this?

Would I be able to set the on/off temperature via the touchscreen or would that have to be done via programming?



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There is a temperature driver to show the Z2IO in Navigators.

Typically you would program the activate temperature in composer, if greater than x then turn on switch. If temp is less than y, start timer 5 minutes, timer expires turn off switch. (Timer to give sufficient time so doesn't immediately retrigger.) No easy way to adjust x or y from navigator.

Or you could pickup a Gen 1 thermostat cheap. Run with a 24ac supply wart. Stick that in the cabinet. Then you can see the temp at the cabinet if you want, get a full display in navigator and use the setpoints to activate your programming as you request. When cooling activated turn on switch. When cooling deactivated turn off switch.

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