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  1. Or maybe you could share the applet's you made to make it happen. Appreciate it. Daniel
  2. Rod, how do you make the applet for second part of this setup? What is used for "if" that waiting on a text message with certain info? I want to try but can't figure it out. Thank, Daniel
  3. Alan, deleted driver and add back the latest driver and all is staying connected and receiving messages. Just letting you all know. Also, looks like it was not on the latest update. Not sure when that was released, but now it is. How can we get informed about updates before it breaks anything? Thanks Daniel
  4. Alan, I am having issues again with the Pushover Websocket disconnecting. It is even to the point that when I am in composer system design, I can see it connecting and disconnecting. I am also not receiving any more pushover messages in a week or so. Please let me know if you saw this before. It is disconnecting about once every minute. Thanks, Daniel
  5. Ok good to know. I am still testing for accuracy. Has IOS location driver been pretty accurate? Daniel
  6. Rod, If i wanted each IFTTT account to talk to control 4 should I just setup 4 push over accounts ( I have 4 family members ). I can see a few times where I would want to independently hit C4 from each IFTTT. Thanks Daniel
  7. LOL. I am trying to get it to work also. Very creative idea with text!! Did you try to add the driver twice in the project? Will that screw things up? I am green with this stuff. Thanks Daniel
  8. So it is ok to put the driver in Control4 twice? That seems to be the only way to associate two IFTTT accounts with one pushover account. Excuse my lack of understanding. Thanks Daniel
  9. I have tried to make another IFTTT account but don't know how to associate with the same pushover account. Thanks Daniel
  10. Alan, how should I go about trying to add my family to pushover? Do I need a separate account for all family members or can I add them to the main account? My main goal for adding my family is to use geofencing to determine who is home or gone. Also, if I add to existing account, would it ask which mobile device is leaving specific area? Maybe I am not seeing now because there is just one mobile device on account now. Please advise, if I am overthinking this. Thanks. Daniel