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  1. daveva

    Outdoor theater automation

    Could you provide me with a wiring diagram from the EA-5 controller to the relay for the actuator. Also what kind of connecter do I need to terminate to the relay on the EA-5 Thanks for your help
  2. daveva

    Outdoor theater automation

    Would this wiring work? In place of the foot pedal the wiring would go to the relays on the EA 5. Foot_Switch_Table_Mount_Switch_Control_of_Linear_ Actuator.pdf
  3. daveva

    Outdoor theater automation

    How do I wire it to the EA-5 ?
  4. daveva

    Outdoor theater automation

    Possibly connecting the projector to the 250 or the EA 5. I have a 250 in the garage that operates the outdoor theater. I do have a receiver in the garage that has a 12 V trigger. The receiver in the garage is an Integra and has three triggers which one operates the outdoor screen. So educate me about how to operate the actuator. How do you reverse the the actuator?. I've been looking at progressive automation actuators and from what I gather in order to change the direction of the actuator the polarity has to change which involves a switch or button which I am trying to avoid manual operation. So what do I install between the actuator and the 12 V trigger to reverse the polarity of the actuator so it will move in and out? Thanks
  5. daveva

    Outdoor theater automation

    Im manually turning the projector off and on. But that will change when I install the lift . Thank you .
  6. To automate my outdoor theater I’m attempting to have a projector rise out of a coffee table. The problem I’m having is how to integrate this into Control4. I designed a system with a 12 V linear actuator with built-in limit switch. I need advice on how to control the actuator without having to install a manual switch. If anybody has any suggestions or ideas I would appreciate their input. Thank you
  7. daveva

    Control4 clear out.

  8. daveva

    pool alarm

    Floating alarm in the water. child falls in wave motion sets off alarm sends signal to house alarm. I would think with the technology we have today this could be possible
  9. daveva

    pool alarm

    Plugged into control 4 to be tied into security system. A child falls into the pool inside and outside alarm sounds lights flash etc etc
  10. daveva

    pool alarm

    Is there an in water pool alarm that can be tied into a control4 system and have the security system in your home sound the alarm.
  11. Is there a way to schedule multiple events that overlap each other. For example I have DMX rgbw landscape lights. I have it scheduled to turn on at sunset and off at 11pm every day. Then I want to schedule a thanksgiving event (multiple color)same time sunset to 11pm. Is there a way I can do this without changing the event dates of the first event?
  12. What are the model numbers of the older dimmers and which are still compatible with 2.10. To save a few dollars would GE z-wave be a viable option?
  13. daveva

    DSC neo

    Thank you