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  1. Alexia still not working. Devices are not responding. Don't know what to do next.
  2. Yes nothing responds Alexa says I'm having trouble at the moment
  3. DSC neo

  4. DSC neo

    Made it to 695 but again could not proceed. Is there a different number for 695 Thanks
  5. DSC neo

    After pressing 651 it says enter sub section. I receive no integration code. Thanks
  6. DSC neo

    Need help again.Received this message PC Link- The panel type Panel-Auto Detect version v1.0 in the account did not match the type 0012 version 13 in the field.
  7. DSC neo

    Thank you
  8. DSC neo

    What section in the program directory do i need to go to activate the TL280.
  9. DSC neo

    Dave, thank you for your reply I will relay that to the installer because he didn't seem to know what the problem was. He said he has installed DSC for years but this was his first neo. He also contacted DSC support and their answer was to let keypad rest for 15 minutes, that didn't work. What else he did I don't know I did not hear the whole conversation. I do have that DLS 5 but I can't seem to get a connection with my Mac through parallels.
  10. DSC neo

    On the the keypad I haven't connected it to the control4 system yet
  11. If anyone here has installed a DSC neo I have a problem with going in and out of programming. Whenever I go into programming and go out of programming and then want to go back into programming and change something I always have to reboot. Anyone else have this problem and if so what did you do to correct it. By the way the system is not connected to control4. I would like to fix this bug before I connect to control4
  12. Alexa lighting

    Native control4. Light directly
  13. Alexa lighting

    I should add that the light does come on but it does not ramp or fade all the time. At times it just turns on instant and off instantly.
  14. Programmed Alexa to turn on lights. I have my lights set to ramp to 100 over 5 seconds. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. Any ideas of what could be wrong? Thanks