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  1. DSC neo

    I have a DSC neo security system. I need to integrate smoke detectors into control4. Should I buy DSC detectors or nest?
  2. DMX control

    i am using Domeaudios driver . I also have the engineering solutions engine from houselogix . I do have white light when i turn all lights on . The thing that i am trying to accomplish is the one white as stated above in the sequence of red white blue. I'm thinking that i'm going to have set the values of RGB as you stated before. I don't think the program is capable of doing it the way I thought it would . I just thought I could turn on that single light white without setting the rgb values.
  3. DMX control

    This controller I don't know what you mean by interfaceing excuse my ignorance
  4. DMX control

    I should add that this like is a five wire red blue green white black and an rgbw light
  5. DMX control

    This light
  6. DMX control

    What I have is 30 rgbw landscape lights with 30 dmx controllers. Im trying to setup a july 4 lighting scene of one two three. First light set for red, second light white, third light blue etc.etc Programming in actions for the red and blue light are not a problem. What I can't understand is how to get the second light white. In actions if I choose (Turn on the outdoor lighting-light 2) for white it will not work The light will not turn on at all. If I choose in actions (Turn on outdoor lighting -light 2 to 100 it will turn on but it will be pink. So my question is what action would I choose to turn this light on white?
  7. DMX control

    When programing dmx lighting in device actions ,if I want one light to be white what specific action should I chose ? For example first light red, second light white , third light blue. I can't seem to find the right action to make that second light white.For instance if I choose light 2 in actions (Turn on the outdoor lighting >light 2)it will not work. Thanks
  8. DMX control

    Forgot to say thanks I appreciate the help
  9. I have 30 rgbw landscape lights. I have set up a custom button called Christmas. Each light is set to a different color red, blue, orange, green etc. The last light is in a gazebo. I want this light to be white but I want it at 25 to 50 percent. How do I program this light be white at 25 to 50 percent..
  10. Alexia still not working. Devices are not responding. Don't know what to do next.
  11. Yes nothing responds Alexa says I'm having trouble at the moment
  12. DSC neo

  13. DSC neo

    Made it to 695 but again could not proceed. Is there a different number for 695 Thanks