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  1. I created the BenQ HT2150ST IR driver if anyone needs it. The macro for the power off works!
  2. Can you update the driver? Mine works fine.
  3. gnehcob

    2.10 Garage Relay Issue

    Yup. Battery fixed the problem. So funny the power went out immediately after the 2.10 upgrade.
  4. gnehcob

    2.10 Garage Relay Issue

    Got it. I think the sensor might be out of power. It would be ironic if it went out the same day the 2.10 updated was installed. Will check it today.
  5. I recently upgraded a system to 2.10 and now the garage relay sensor is not indicating if the garage door is closed or open. I checked the drivers in the system and they are connecting with the CardAccess relay, but it does not show open or close. Anyone else have this issue?
  6. Got it. Thanks! Needed to add the Communications agent to replace from Intercom Agent.
  7. We received this issue when trying to upgrade from 2.9.1 to 2.10. It won't let Composer connect with the system. Any suggestions? 1. Intercom - End of Support The Control4 Intercom Agent cannot be included in systems running OS 2.10.0 or later. You will need to connect with a ComposerPro version that matches the version of the operating system and remove the End of Support Agent.
  8. gnehcob

    2.10 Considerations

    What is the full build number of 2.10?
  9. I recently switched to Comcast and had my program changed so I can use the C4 remote for Comcast. I am now having an issue with the C4 mute button and my Sonos playbar. When I press the mute button, it mutes the audio. When I press the mute button to unmute, it does not unmute the playabr. I have to manually go to the playbar to unmmute. Is anyone else having this issue or know how to resolve? I will try and reinstall the playbar driver to see what happens. Thanks.
  10. What is a color change kit? Thanks!
  11. I am having issues with two stuck buttons both on the off switch. Anyone know how to open the unit and fix? Thanks.
  12. Hello, I am looking for the second generation dimmers in white, C4-DIM1-Z-WH or the C4-TDIM1-Z-WH. I am looking for about 20 of them. Thanks!
  13. Thanks Cyknight. I knew I was forgetting something! I got it up and running now with ZWave. It was a very easy process to make the connection. Is there anyway to poll the Zwave lock status from C4? Sometimes it was say unlocked when it is locked, or locked when it is really unlocked. So to refresh the setting, I have to hit the lock/unlock button on the C4 app and it will then refresh the new status. Thanks!
  14. I have the Kwikset Z-Wave locks. For some reason, I can't perform any programming with it in Control4. I can control the locks in Navigator, but no programming option. I'm hoping to set it up when the alarm is set to AWAY or HOME, it would lock the Kwikset Z-Wave locks automatically. Any help on this? Thanks!