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  1. Is there any way to play music purchased through Itunes on Denon Heos system? Does Heos do Airplay? If not then maybe an EA1 in the house would change things up and allow them to Airplay with the Shairbridge driver? Currently there is no C4 hardware in the house.
  2. If I press play within a few minutes then do nothing until I press pause again. Then reset timer and if no play pressed...room off.
  3. It is the specifics of those next commands that I don't know how to do.
  4. Audio zone stays on all the time if paused so room always shows on unless powered off via app. If I put in programming for when digital media gets "pause" command to wait 5 minutes and shut off. This shuts the zone off but will shut the room down anytime pause command is received. How can I make it so that if I hit pause then there is some sort of conditional where if I press play again within 5 minutes it wont shut off the room? I setup a timer and I got the programming started by starting the time when the pause command is received but I don't know how to do the rest?
  5. I was thinking LED colors..my bad
  6. The Auto off will override any programming?
  7. Is that assuming the same wash cycle is set every time? My washer goes is all over the place when on from 3W to 400W when spinning. What programming would be put in place to send me notification after it goes back to 0. After the wattage goes above a certain value start a timer and then check at the end of that timer and if it is not 0 then start it again? Keep the time short so you get close to when it shuts off? How would this programming look if this would work?
  8. Looking to the best way to automate bathroom fans. I did some programming when they turned the light on the fan turns on and then when the light went off I delayed the 5 minutes and then the fan shuts off. What if they don't turn off the light at all but just walk out? Whats the best way to do this delayed shut off so they don't have fans running all the time?
  9. Sorry for my ignorance but I’m looking to see the specific programming not an explanation of how it’s supposed to be done.
  10. I want to use your Washing Machine experience driver and the TP Link driver with the HS110 to notify when the washing machine has finished. How would I use the TP Link driver to do that? It seems like it would be simple to setup to turn on and off a room with an XBox but don't know how to do the notification when the washer finishes?
  11. Yea make sure you can hide the enormous box. Dumbest idea I’ve ever seen. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Free driver or the Annex driver? Differences?
  13. I see C4 app drop and regain connections with Ubiquiti waps all the time as you roam around. Somewhat expected but annoying nonetheless.
  14. Do you have any examples of what all caps and large size looks like?
  15. There are dozens of surround modes. For a 5.1 system is there 1 is most commonly used for general usage: TV, Movies, Netflix, etc..? Would Dolby Digital be the go to? This has to be set it and forget it for the homeowner since they won't be making any changes
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