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  1. There are dozens of surround modes. For a 5.1 system is there 1 is most commonly used for general usage: TV, Movies, Netflix, etc..? Would Dolby Digital be the go to? This has to be set it and forget it for the homeowner since they won't be making any changes
  2. Looking at a Monoprice Monlith vs SVS. Both ported 12". Monoprice is about $600 less and online reviews look positive.
  3. I was told that the Triads are power hungry and that I would need separates since a single amp won't have enough power to drive all channels.
  4. What is the best way to get SmartTV audio back to an AVR? Will using the HDMI ARC work or do I have to use the optical out back to the receiver? The ARC would be a require less hardware but will it work in C4?
  5. So you are buying bulk wire and connectors and making them up yourself?
  6. I used those and they felt cheap and like you said they were stuff. I then used Snap’s cables which we’re nice but too long. I need shorties to go from amp to audio matrix. ill try the planets maybe
  7. What is the go to for RCA interconnects. Need to connect C4 swith to amps. They are basically right on top of one another in the rack so they need to be short.
  8. It will be running Triad in ceiling speakers and think some of those are 4 ohm. The Denon be OK with that?
  9. I don't have access to Anthem. We tried to become a dealer awhile back and they denied us.
  10. Probably been asked many times but things change. Looking for a recco on a 9.2 channel Atmos AVR. Looking to try to stay with a single unit to keep costs down but would move into separates if there is a good cost effective combo. Of course C4 integration important
  11. Looking for the best quality full size enclosed A/V rack? 42U.
  12. You are setting up programming to maybe play a channel but that programming will never change. It will play the same one every time with no customization. With full voice control I can ask for any station, any channel, any artist etc. Can't do that with C4 with any device as far a i know.
  13. New Sonos amps/Connect (AVR zone)/ & Playbars VS EA Controller/Triad Matrix/TriadAmps etc. for a whole house system. I really can't see good reasons to go with the C4 solution Voice control alone is in my opinion the deciding factor. Alexa, play XX in the Kitchen....done. I can play anything I want from any music service in any room with voice. Cant do that with C4 in any scenario. C4 just seems dated in this regard. Am I missing something that makes this a harder decision?
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