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  1. nevets23

    Composer Help

    Nevermind! I solved the issue, although it still makes no sense to me. All good though now!
  2. nevets23

    Composer Help

    No matter what I try, I cannot seem to get the HC800 to not say "invalid ntp argument config (start|stop|restart|config_server|config_client)" under the Internet time settings in system manager. I have a couple hc250's that work perfectly fine, so I'm wondering if this HC800 just broke on me?
  3. nevets23

    Composer Help

    I'm having the hardest time connecting to Composer all of a sudden. i've literally tried everything I can think of, including a factory reset. Prior to the factory restore, I kept getting the could not connect to director at (my ip address). Now, following the factory restore to 2.5.3, although the HC800 controller shows up on my home network/composer, when I click on it to login, I keep getting this damn message "Could not authenticate the connection to director at my ip address.Common causes are incorrect time/date settings, on the controller or on the computer running Composer." The date and time are correct. I've used system manager to verify that it is correct. With that being said, every time, I select "Internet time server" as the manner I want the controller to keep time and hit "configure", but after I disconnect from the director and then reconnect, it shows the time is configured to gps/other local time server. Can someone please advise on what the heck I need to do to get this working again? So frustrating!
  4. Quick PSA for those who have and/or are purchasing Luma cameras/NVRs. Absolutely great cameras/NVRs. however, as of this moment, you are not able to access the backend settings of the cameras/NVR through the web on a mac if you're running the latest operating system. In order to access through the web on a mac, there is a plugin you need to download for safari. Unfortunately, it appears the plugin has not been updated for Mojave, and thus is not registering properly. Hopefully it will be addressed soon. I am going to alert them to the issue today.
  5. Feel free to PM me with pricing.
  6. nevets23

    FS: Luma Cameras and NVRs

    Brand new Luma cameras and NVRs for sale at very good prices. PM camera/nvr interested in and I will get you a quote. I have all versions of the cameras and nvrs available.
  7. I think it’s the same way you set it up on the t3s
  8. Yessir. Very easy. If you downloaded the app previously and tried to login, that is the issue. It’s using your failed cached login. Delete the app. Then reinstall it and try logging in again. It should work. Hope that helps!
  9. perhaps I'll change my mind once I use it. I just know how I felt about other apps that took this approach. Hopefully, I feel differently.
  10. Good. Hopefully it vibrates continually if your phone is on vibrate too.
  11. Let me also clarify that I have not tested it out yet, so if your phone actually does ring when the ds2 station button is pushed, great! That is basically all I'm saying is, in my opinion, critical with respect to my previous comment. Video previews would be great as well, but I'm sure that will come with time.
  12. I'm not sure what you're scratching your head about. First and foremost, calm down. Second, I said that, if what I think is the case is true, the app is great, but that callkit integration, in my opinion, is a critical component of the app's usefulness for answering a call from the DS2. Third, I'm not talking about a video preview necessarily. I'm talking about the manner in which your phone "rings" when the DS2 button is pushed. If the notification is just a simple push notification, that's a bummer. Ideally, I would like to see the phone ring in the same manner it does when someone is actually calling you from another phone. I miss push notifications when they initially happen all the time, and noticing them right away is pretty critical to being able to answer the doorbell ring in time. If your phone rang in the typical manner upon a ds2 doorbell push, the odds of missing the "call" would be significantly reduced. I believe callkit integration is what makes that possible. Make sense now?
  13. Is my belief about callkit integration correct? If so, that is a big bummer. The app seems great, but to really make it useful in terms of the doorbell situation, it seems that call kit is pretty essential.