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  1. Control4 Matrix Switches
  2. Control4 Matrix Switches

    @Matt Lowe so I looked in to AV PRO CONNECT. Do you know if I could use one of their up/scaler receivers on a 1080p tv connected to my control4 leaf matrix so that I don't have to source lock in order to watch 4k on my 4k tvs connected to the matrix? I know it does what I want as far as function. I just don't know if you can use the device with a non AV PRO CONNECT Matrix.
  3. Control4 Matrix Switches

    It's extremely confusing, because 4k video at 30 bpp(10bit) is not listed under the spec sheet for the Leaf matrix switches, but the same spec sheet does indicate that the switches have a color/hdr capability of: HDR @ UHD 3840x2160p30, 4:2:0 10bit (30 bit color)....see the link here:
  4. Since a new 4k AppleTv is going to be announced tomorrow, I started thinking about a couple different things with respect to my c4 system, primarily with whether or not I will have trouble getting HDR. Unless I am missing something, it appears the answer is yes. Based on everything I have read/researched, the control4 4k matrix switches don't support 4k video at 30bpp (aka 10bit color), which is what you need to obtain HDR. According to the user docs, the highest bpp the c4 matrix switch will output at 4k is 24bpp (8bit color), which is why the PS4 Pro won't display HDR when it's hooked up through the matrix. In other words, although the control4 matrix is "4k" in terms of resolution, and will display that resolution fine, to some degree it almost seems pointless to have it since you can't really tell that much of a difference between 1080 and 4k without HDR. Perhaps I'm missing something, but it seems like this is kinda of a big deal when you're spending that much money on a 4k matrix switch. Yes, I should be able to get 4k content through the apple tv when it's hooked up through the matrix switch, but not being able to have HDR almost renders upgrading to the new 4k apple tv worthless if that's how I'm going to set it up, rather than hooking it up directly to the tv. Thoughts anyone?
  5. HC-250

    Thanks. Yes, within two years since I bought from dealer, so it should be covered.
  6. HC-250

    Thanks @Cyknight. Already tried that multiple times and no luck. I just updated to OS 2.10, and was initially thinking maybe I screwed something up in the process, but I know that's not the case for sure now. Very strange, because this particular HC-250 is tied to a television, which has worked fine, even though the HC-250 apparently didn't have an IP address. Since the television and everything else has been working, I didn't know anything was wrong. Fast forward to me updating to 2.10, and sure enough the HC-250 is "connecting" and can't be updated, which is what prompted me to look into it. Apparently it hasn't been functioning as a zigbee server either like it's supposed to be doing. Definitely a dead port. Guess it's time to RMA. Considering the 250's have been discontinued, will they just replace it with an EA-1?
  7. HC-250

    Anyone ever have the ethernet port on a HC-250 go bad? I'm fairly certain it just happened to me. I've tried everything to get it fixed with no luck. I have it directly connected via ethernet into my network and its not even showing up/being assigned an ip address (I've tried connecting it to several different ethernet jacks around the house where other devices work with the same result). More telling it seems is that the two lights on the ethernet jack that should light up when a cat 6 is plugged into it, don't do anything. Fortunately, I'm within warranty, but curious if anyone else has had similar issues. Thanks,
  8. HC800 - Disadvantages?

    @livitup I have an HC800 as my primary controller, and it works fine. Admittedly, I've toyed with upgrading to the EA-5 many different times, but as of right now, the HC-800 still allows me to take advantage of all of the latest OS features on all the latest touch screens, door stations, etc., and, from what others have told me that have upgraded, there isn't a real noticeable difference in terms of system responsiveness. Certainly not to say that the EA-5 isn't better than HC-800, because it is, but my suggestion, if you can get it for a good price, is to ride the HC-800 until she bucks (or at least until it doesn't fully support new OS/system features).
  9. @dcovach @VINCELdUB thanks for the input.....I guess what I'm trying to determine is whether it will add anything substantive that I'm going to actually notice in the system (e.g. the speed/responsiveness of 4sight over cellular (assuming good signal)), . It sounds like the upgrade definitely has some benefits, but I probably wouldn't notice anything with the speed of my system or its capabilities unless I'm going to expand the system exponentially. I am contemplating adding a comprehensive camera system, so it may be better to put money towards that rather than upgrading the controller right now. Any idea of the odds that C4 comes out with a new line of controllers this fall and/or Jan 1? If I did upgrade the controller, that would blow if they came out with a new line soon thereafter. Thanks again for the input guys,
  10. I have an HC 800 as the primary controller and 2 HC250s in other parts of the house. The system works fine overall, but trying to determine whether or not it makes sense to upgrade to EA5 and 2 EA1s. Not looking to spend money needlessly, but trying to determine if there is any real benefit to upgrading now vs. waiting until the next series of controllers comes out (whenever that is in the future). Also, I know the EA Series came out in beginning of often are the controllers typically upgraded/is there a general release cycle (e.g. every two years?)? Also, anyone have the Lilin Door Station? I'm curious on how well it integrates into C4 and what people think of it? It appears to allow you to answer the doorbell through your cell phone, but not sure if it integrates with the T3s and if there is a limit on the number of simultaneous streams to T3s or cellular devices. Thanks,

    I am looking for quotes on the following cameras in white: Luma 300 series mini dome Luma 500 IP camera (dome or bullet) Luma 700 IP camera (dome or bullet) Luma 500/501 NVR 8 channel Please quote pricing per camera. No installation needed. Thanks!
  12. SR 260 Remote

    Does anyone know if there are replacement parts for the bottom of the sr 260 remotes? Not sure if my remote came like this or if somehow i did something (although that seems unlikely given the room the remote is located in has carpet), but one side of the bottom plastic piece on the remote is chipped off at the joint. Looks like it may pop off. Probably cheaper to replace the plastic piece if possible rather than the whole remote. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Hi All, Has anyone had any issues with the remote sensors on an aprilaire c4 thermostat going bad? I keep getting a primary sensor failure/remote sensor error reading on the c4 thermostat, and I don't understand why. I have three thermostats, and they're all set up the exact same way. The other two with the remote sensors work perfectly fine. Composer is saying the Remote Sensor is "Disconnected", but its not, as far as I can tell. Does anyone have any suggestions? I've tried everything I can think of....rebooting, checking wire connections, etc. Thanks in advance.
  14. Weird error on 6x6 HDMI Matrix

    Try reinstalling the new driver (write over the current one), and restarting the matrix. I had a similar problem with matrix, and ultimately that did the trick.
  15. HC 250 Issues

    Got everything fixed. I think it had to do with me playing around with the leaf matrix switch calibration on Sunday night. I was attempting to get HDR to pass through the matrix switch from the ps4 pro, and re-calibrated a bunch of different times with the ps4pro switched on. I think somehow the driver got hung up/queued on something in the process. Good news is it's fixed. Bad news is that I still can't get the Ps4 Pro to recognize that my tv is capable of HDR. Thanks for the assistance guys.