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  1. SR 260 Remote

    Does anyone know if there are replacement parts for the bottom of the sr 260 remotes? Not sure if my remote came like this or if somehow i did something (although that seems unlikely given the room the remote is located in has carpet), but one side of the bottom plastic piece on the remote is chipped off at the joint. Looks like it may pop off. Probably cheaper to replace the plastic piece if possible rather than the whole remote. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Hi All, Has anyone had any issues with the remote sensors on an aprilaire c4 thermostat going bad? I keep getting a primary sensor failure/remote sensor error reading on the c4 thermostat, and I don't understand why. I have three thermostats, and they're all set up the exact same way. The other two with the remote sensors work perfectly fine. Composer is saying the Remote Sensor is "Disconnected", but its not, as far as I can tell. Does anyone have any suggestions? I've tried everything I can think of....rebooting, checking wire connections, etc. Thanks in advance.
  3. Weird error on 6x6 HDMI Matrix

    Try reinstalling the new driver (write over the current one), and restarting the matrix. I had a similar problem with matrix, and ultimately that did the trick.
  4. HC 250 Issues

    Got everything fixed. I think it had to do with me playing around with the leaf matrix switch calibration on Sunday night. I was attempting to get HDR to pass through the matrix switch from the ps4 pro, and re-calibrated a bunch of different times with the ps4pro switched on. I think somehow the driver got hung up/queued on something in the process. Good news is it's fixed. Bad news is that I still can't get the Ps4 Pro to recognize that my tv is capable of HDR. Thanks for the assistance guys.
  5. HC 250 Issues

    @sonic30101It's a C4 16matrix channel amp. If I recall correctly, the audio for the kitchen is analog, and comes from the audio out of the 4k leaf matrix switch into the amp, and then from the amp to the kitchen ceiling speakers. The same thing is the case with the office speakers. I don't think it's a setting with DTV 3 box, because it works on other tvs connected to the system.
  6. HC 250 Issues

    All, I seem to be having issues with an hc250, and could use some input/insight, as I'm not sure exactly what is happening or if the hc 250 is bad. As a part of my c4 setup, I have a leaf 4k video matrix. I have a hc800 as the primary controller, and then two HC 250s. One of the HC 250's is hooked up to the kitchen tv (with a leaf balun). The other HC 250 is hooked up to the master bedroom tv (with a leaf balun). The video matrix distributes three different direct tv boxes to all the tvs (let's call them DTV 1, DTV 2, and DTV3). The issue I am having is the following: This morning when I went to go turn on the kitchen tv, as soon as I hit watch DTV 1, I heard two beeps come out of the ceiling speakings. The picture was showing on the tv, but there was no audio. This was the same case for DTV 1, DTV 2, and DTV 3. I have had this happen once or twice before, but it's been a little bit. Anyway, I figured I would reboot everything (hc 800, amp, leaf hdmi matrix, network, etc.). I've done this before and it has always worked. Upon reboot, I notice that picture and audio for DTV 1 and DTV 2 in the kitchen are working, but when I go to DTV 3 in the kitchen, I only see picture and no sound. At this point, I'm perplexed, and try going to DTV 1, DTV 2, and DTV 3 in the Living room. All three work perfectly for picture and sound. I even do the same thing in the master bedroom (remember this is on its own hc 250), and DTV 1, DTV 2, and DTV 3 all work perfectly again. At this point, it appears something is going on with just the HC 250 in the kitchen. I confirmed this by testing DTV 1, DTV 2, and DTV 3 in the office as well (the office tv is controlled by the HC 250 in the kitchen as well). Basically, the same exact thing happens that happened in the kitchen. DTV 1 and DTV 2 work great for picture and sound, but when I go to DTV 3, there is a loud static/garbled noise, and then no audio. I then tried rebooting the Kitchen HC 250 to see if that would help. Unfortunately it didn't. I decided to try it one more time, and this time it did work.....or at least I thought so. Upon reboot, DTV 3 had picture and audio with no problem. I then tested DTV 1 and DTV 2 in the kitchen, and all I get is picture...there is a brief static/garbled noise, and then silence. I figured I would try rebooting the Kitchen HC 250 one more time, because maybe something wasn't getting rebooted all the way. Upon reboot, DTV 1, DTV 2, or DTV 3 have only picture and no sound....except for two beeps followed by a garbled noise from the ceiling speakers upon turning on DTV 1, DTV2, or DTV 3. Am I dealing with a bad HC 250 or am I missing something? The leaf matrix driver was updated to version 297 the other day, but again DTV 1, DTV 2, and DTV 3 work perfectly on all other tvs, including the master bedroom tv with a different hc 250. Any insight/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  7. @Christopher Spitler, your post just knocked something loose in my head lol. I'm about 99% sure I know what the issue is now, and how to fix it. The Kwikset driver and the generic driver are named the exact same thing. I can almost guarantee that is what is causing the issue, even though I am programming off of the Kwikset driver. I bet it's coming up blank b/c its looking for the variable in the generic. I will test later tonight and let you know. Thanks!
  8. Alright, so I'm fairly certain I have pinpointed what's causing the issue with this matter, although I'm not sure why it is happening or how to fix it yet. The issue appears to be the generic lock driver. When you add just the Kwikset driver, and as @Christopher Spitler said in his post, when you test out the push notifications/e-mail notifications, the notification will come through as "No Name" unlocked the door. "No Name" is replaced with the user name associated with the code used to unlock the door when a code is actually used. Assuming you want to control the Kwikset lock from the T3 screens or C4 mobile app (which I do), you need to add the generic driver and bind it to the kwikset driver. When you do this, however, the variable for the kwikset driver no longer works. In other words, instead of "No Name" unlocked the door, the push notification/e-mail notification will come up with a blank, so it looks like " opened the door." Somehow there is a disconnect between the generic lock driver and the Kwikset lock driver. Any ideas why this is happening, or how it can be fixed? I realize this may not be a big deal to most people, and overall, in the grand scheme of things, it certainly isn't, but I would like to fix it if at all possible, given that it will give me some functionality that is useful, and it should actually work like this anyway.
  9. Sump pump monitoring/notification

    I highly recommend Nexpump. The pumps they sell are beasts, and the notification system is absolutely awesome. Great customer service and support. Only down side is the systems are a little pricey, but in my opinion, well worth it. You really can't go wrong with their products, and if piece of mind is what you want, this will definitely do it.
  10. ADP Dimmer/Aux Switch

    Not sure it's that simple. If I flip the aux keypad, the led light will be on the top, which isn't right either. Not sure there is a way around that. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. ADP Dimmer/Aux Switch

    Appreciate the humor though
  12. ADP Dimmer/Aux Switch

    Ok, not doing that. Anyone have any other suggestions?
  13. ADP Dimmer/Aux Switch

    @Cyknight it is installed with right side up. Theoretically, I could install it upside down, but that doesn't seem like a good idea. Any other suggestions?
  14. ADP Dimmer/Aux Switch

    Ok, got it working for the most part. However, on the aux keypad, the up button turns off the lights and the down button turns on the lights. How do I switch this so that up turns the lights on and down off?