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Homebridge Driver for HomeKit Support?

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How are folks using this driver?  Is it being used to allow you to use HomeKit and Siri to control C4 devices in your C4 system?  Or are people using it to allow C4 to control devices that are supported in HomeKit/HomeBridge but which aren't supported in C4?  If it is the latter then I am thinking that this could be useful to allow me to control certain types of lights/lighting controllers that aren't supported in C4.  And what about devices, like Hue bulbs, that aren't native C4 devices?  Does it make sense to install the drivers for C4 or for HomeKit or both?  Or does it matter?

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I won't have the docker version for a while.  There's a lot to do, and getting things setup so that all my appliance code works properly involves a lot of low-level linux IT setup.  My Pi images are solid, though.

The system is intended to expose the Control4 project to HomeKit.  All supported devices in Control4 become devices in HomeKit, and you can use those devices as if they were HomeKit-compatible.  This lets you control C4 lights, dimmers, garage doors, security systems, etc from Home app and with Siri.  

What you put where depends on how you want things setup.  If you install drivers for your Hue bulbs in C4, and those bulbs support the light proxy, then my HomeKit setup will automatically pick them up, and allow you to also control them in HomeKit, by routing HomeKit communications through C4.  I believe Hue bulbs are also directly HomeKit compatible, so you could just add them to Home directly, and add them to C4 and move them to my system's ignore list, so they don't show up twice.

There's lots of options.

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