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Brand new weatherwahk wireless 240 series station


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This is brand new in sealed boxes. Was planning on installing it but plans have changed.

Asking 3500.00

What's included:

Weatherwahk 240 series weather station

2.4ghz wireless receiver

50 foot power cable

12dcv power supply

Visualweather for windows software

J pole mount

Ip server module

Extraveg driver

Paid over 5000.00

Anyone in Toronto want to see it are more than welcome.

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I had the same concern when I purchased the 240 series compared to 500, but the folks at weatherhawk said that the ev driver works with the 240 series providing that you have the ip server module without any issues.

Did EV massage their 500 series driver to work 100% with Signature??
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The j pole mount is a 4 foot high pole that the station sits on. It's similar to a sat dish mount but this is 4 foot high which is required by weatherwahk if installing on a roof with a pitch. Must be 4 or more foot higher than the pitch.

Oh, what is the J-Pole mount? I didn't order any mount and was going to use an old sat dish wall mount.
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^The 500 is a tool for prediction. The software provides for trending and historic info. The decision/determination component is up to the qualified individual.

Instead of bagging on the device/price, ask EV why they even bothered to develop the driver. I bet you a donut that someone (or some entity) with money came forth. At any rate, the driver allows C4 interaction to the Nth degree.

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