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Installed Subzero Appliance Module


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This past week I finally got my Card Access Subzero Module installed and working. I haven't noticed and posts of others using it so here's a little rundown that could save someone some time and hassle. I had ordered two of these as soon as they were released (for BI Subzero refrigerator and E series Wolf ovens.) There is only a driver for the fridge so far.

The package comes with an RJ-12 cable (about 7 feet) that is plugged into the service port on the unit and into the appliance module. The module looks like it is in the same case as a CA sensor. The service port for my refrigerator is under the top panel which hinges up and is easy to access. The service port for the oven is on the left side but not accessable after the unit is built in.

The instructions of course said to have a Subzero/Wolf authorized tech install it.... Anyway I tried plugging it in at first and nothing. Further reading in the info from the driver it is only compatible with the control boards after a certain model number. Subzero will come and replace it free of charge if it was manufactured after Jan 2011. (I think you have to pay for the service call but not the part if it is prior to that.) I called Subzero and they gave me the number of a local factory service tech. They were nice but had no idea what I was talking about with Control4/Card Access. I spelled out exactly what I needed him to ask Subzero for. They finally came after the part got in and replaced the control board at no charge. I showed him the Card Access unit, he shrugged his shoulders and said I could probably do that. When I plugged it into the service port still nothing, no light on the module. I called Subzero back talked with them and then called Card Access. Turns out they said the first few batches of thes were sent out with the wrong cable pin outs. It need to be a null cable of sorts. My installer did not have an RJ-12 connector handy, so I wound up cutting and splicing the wire. All wires needed to be reversed (1 to 6, 2 to 5, etc.) After reconnecting it fired right up and we were able to get it identified in the system. I downloaded the app and it works as advertised.

So the app screen (on 5" IE panel) shows a fridge like my model (pictures stainless but mines a wood panel) it shows an image if the door or freezer is opened. It shows the temps. It displays info about the status, air filter and ice maker. It has controls for some energy savings. I'm not sure if you can turn the ice on or off. I don't use it as I have a dedicated icemaker. In programming it gives triggers for doors open and closed events and some others. I did not see door alarm which I was looking for. The unit has an alarm if the door has been left open for some time. It would be nice to be able to use that as a trigger. Otherwise I have to make a timer for both fridge and freezer door open events?

Overall it works, is cool and adds just a little functionality. .... Roll wife's eyes ....

I think the oven module will be more useful for the preheat temp, probe sensor events and seeing if it was left on. I plugged in the wire into the oven unit before it was finally installed and ran the wire to an adjacent cabinet where I can plug in the CA module when the driver is available.

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Hi Bud! I have a Sub Zero 36U manufactured April 2011. I installed the device and was able to see the interface status as ONLINE within Composer. I also note the last check -in as the current date and time. However, none of the status' change when I open or close the door. Might this have something to do with the updated board within the fridge that you were mentioning in your post? When you described your original issue, were you not even able to get it to acknowledge in Composer? If not, then perhaps I have a different problem. Please let me know.



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When I first tried it I never got it to connect with composer. If I remember correctly the led on the module did not light up until the cord was corrected. I had already had the board in the subzero changed out by then. Did you compare your sreial number with the instructions on the Card Access website? I think you are going to need to have that upgrade.

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Found it in the read me file. I need to upgrade

1. BI Model with a serial number starting with #4157860 or greater.


These appliances support the Smart Appliance Module “as is” and will

NOT need an appliance control board upgrade.

2. The BI Model produced ON OR AFTER 1 Jan 2011 with a serial number

lower than #4157860.


These appliances qualify for a complimentary refrigerator control board

upgrade from SUB-ZERO. This upgrade (including the service call) are

provided free of charge by a factory-authorized service technician who

will come and install the proper control board.

3. The BI Model produced BEFORE 1 Jan 2011 with a serial number

lower than #4157860.


These appliances can receive the refrigerator control board upgrade free

of charge; however, the owner MUST PAY for the service call to install

the proper control board. This upgrade is performed by a factory-authorized

service technician who will come and install the proper control board.

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