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HC250 or HC800


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Obviously the HC800 is the ultimate. But honestly what should I go with as I have the following in my project...

5 dimmers

1 card access relay

1 kwikset lock

DSC IT100 integration

2 HC200Bs on home entertainment systems

1 sr250

1 sr 150

I might get a few more dimmers, buttons and another relay and that's me.

Will HC250 keep me happy for next 5 years or should cough up for 800?"

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I'm running 1.8 and a lot more than you are on a HC-300 without any issues. At least 20 dimmers, HDMI matrix, 4 zones of audio, thermostats. From what I've read here, simply upgrading to 2.0 will put me in a much better performance area. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

I think you can get the HC-250 for now, although I'm not sure how it compares to the HC-300. I'm assuming it's better since it's newer.

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This is from my dealer... What does the HC200b have?

HC300C = 300 MHz embedded processor

HC250 = 1Ghz full blown processor (I think it’s an Intel atom)

HC1000 = 1.6 GHz Intel Atom processor

HC800 = 1.8 GHz Processor (again I think it’s also an Intel atom)

Why not just add an HC1000?

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found this. very helpful!!

To clarify, in case it has not been. The 200/300 will not have any noticeable performance difference given the same configurations on both.

However on the 800/250 comparison, the 800 will be noticeably faster as it has a faster processor than the 250. They are not the same hardware configuration. I have been told the 250 is 3-4 times faster then the 200b/300c and the 800 is 40% faster then the HC-1000 was and has on screen navigator.

Honestly if you are buying equipment right now, spend the money and get the 800 or 250 as it is a significant increase in performance, and the recommendation is to not update a 300/200 master beyond 2.1.1. The rule of thumb is a 250 for a small one/two room project, 800 for everything else.

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