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Control4 Logo Shirts?


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Thanks guys. I figured there was something I would regret if I bought them. Med. shrunk down to Sm. won't work for me...

Sorry about the no-linky. A few of my other forums don't allow URL links especially related to pricing.

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I still have

- Control4 4store founders t-shirt (old logo)

- Control4 white shirts (old logo)

- Control4 black shirts (old logo)

- Control4 pens (old logo)

- Control4 torch (old logo)

- Control4 Beanie (old logo)

- Control4 polo (new logo)

- Control4 baseball cap (new logo)

- Control4 fake tatoo

- Control4 toolbelt (old logo)

- Control4 remote control car (old logo)

- Control4 Secure Gateway (never released)

i also have a control4 award for best overall automation project but now i'm just showing off :P

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