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iOS upgrade issue


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Is there anyway to have the iPad Ap simply reconnect with a password after an upgrade as the implementation that I have has rendered all on my newer units useless and an older device unable to run any new Aps because of the older iOS.

What is the solution outside of a service call as it seems counter productive to have this process where a technician needs to authorize/connect previously working devices each time an Apple upgrade is applied.

Being at home during the hours that match the available hours of tech service have been impossible and I do not have any other systems that require a physical on site visit even my SIP client reconnected seamlessly after an iOS upgrade with the simple password entry.

Any help gratefully accepted as I am pretty close to giving up with the system I have and simply moving to something else as we have had it fail during several key moments and it has yet to really function as it was intended. I couldnt watch the Olympics last year nor the Soccer or Hockey specifically as the other screen were disconnected from the Control4 system for long periods, since they have been reconnected the sound on several of the sources is inoperative.

I had looked earlier to expand the system but at this point feel like it is throwing good money away given the frustration level of trying to get even basic functions and reliability into the system - at one of the branches we have a 12 year old Crestron set up which although dated in appearance works flawlessly and so 'upgrading' which seemed attractive initially does not seem so at this point.

When the system works even given its limitations compared to newer alternatives the features are definitely worth the effort although when (frequently and persistently) we have issues it is annoying to have that level of investment staring you in the face or assaulting your ears.

The iPad issue would at least let me control the video elements and then I get to leverage the investment a little

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I think you should just have to update the ios app, not the c4 system - assuming you are on 2.x. I was 2.22 and was able to add new android, ios, and myhomepc apps to the system, once i updated to the new 2.3 version of those apps.

good luck.

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Thank you thank you ! Basically I thought on the non connected, already upgraded iPads I would try msgreenf's suggestion - it worked like a charm in fact I have UFC 3x NHL games and my son is playing XBox

Thanks again and Saturday night looks pretty good from here

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