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What kind of technology is provided in the rooms?

Our Control4 in-room system is a great example for you. Basically, you never have to leave the bed in order to get things done: You can lock your door from your remote, which is connected to Control4 through your television; you can set a schedule to open and close your curtains, and that could go together with your wakeup call. You can set the mood and choose music from whatever channel suits you best, and you can wake up to that, as well. Something else about Control4 that’s pretty amazing is that the room will actually welcome you. By using your key to open the door, music softly turns on, your sheers and curtains open so you can see the beautiful view, both during the day and at night. It’s very soft and very seamless.

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I stayed there in December for a week, I was surprised to see C4 running the room. As I entered (with a key fob/card a room welcome scene initiated; curtains opened and lights came on, the TV and inroom music began playing, it was pretty nice. My room had an SR-150 and a desktop touchscreen near the bed, plus about a dozen light switches and labeled 3 button switches.

Additional features that weren't mentioned that were nice, was the ability to select "do not disturb" for the room or "maid service" with the touch of a C4 switch inside the room, or using the remote or touchscreen, and a C4 thermostat for climate control. Pretty slick setup.

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