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cxm-rcr1-b vs cxz-rcr1-b contact relay extenders


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can anyone help please? i can only see the driver in composer for the cxz-rcr1-b but i have a cxm-rcr1-b and it does not seem to want to identify using the other driver? i don't know if the unit is fried or possibly (most likely) the drive is not interchangeable (but i cant find a driver for the cxm-rcr1-B)? BTW i am connecting it using Ethernet as i read these units are not compatible with zigbee pro but should still function via Ethernet?

thank you.

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As far as I know there has only ever been one single driver for these. And cxM is the only one you'll find on the model. cxZ is in the driver but....

Just added one recently, checked and it's a cmx, using the cmz driver.

The ONLY thing I can think of is that perhaps it was set to static and is on a different range then your network. But I'm not even sure it's possible to set the network on these...

If it is reset should be:

Hold front button with power disconnected, apply power and keep holding until all three front LEDs light up.

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