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They are really small, but they don't have the other features that the access products have.

The one we have in has not been installed yet.

I have one of the garage sensors, it is tiny too,

Works great


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Ceiling Sensor & 4-button keyfob.

I love the packaging so small. Seems like you can fit the whole project in a shoebox.

Keyfob: I haven't got it installed yet but initial impression is that the quality of material seems a little flimsy. Not sure how the key fob will handle daily use. I wish the edges are a little roundish but the depressed button and thin profile is really good.

Ceiling Sensor: I bought the CA at the same time so I have one of each. As mentioned CA drivers are easier to use but most of functionality is also built in with the Nyce motion driver. The CA Ceiling sensor is huge in comparison. So it is nice the nyce's form factor is less intrusive. unlike the CA though it will only function via 2 triple A batterie as oppose to a 9volt or line-powered. Once installed I can comment on sensitivity and lag time.

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