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Control 4 networking with FiOS and owner provider enterprise router/switch


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I apologize if this question has been asked many times.  I'm a FiOS (video and internet) customer getting a Control 4 system installed for lighting and AV control.  Perhaps security (GE) system integration in the near future.  My dealer wanted me to get rid of Actiontec router and replace with another more hardened enterprise router citing security and Control 4 compatibility (recommended Sonicwall).  I was able to get a Meraki MX60 security appliance (comparable to Dell but cloud maanged), a 22 port PoE switch (also enterprise grad) and a set of APs.  Even though I called up Verizon to release/refresh the public IP, I was unable to get to get a fresh WAN IP from my ONT to my meraki appliance.  In the end the only way I got internet working again was putting back the Actiontec.


As a compromise, could I use my Actiontec Rev I router to secure an IP then designate Meraki security appliace as a DMZ (all ports open) and manage all security/firewall policies on the Meraki with all switch ports/WAP, etc behind it?


Control 4 doesn't publish its network requirements explicitly, so I'm having to speculate is the real need is for IPSEC 2.0 for mobile remote access to the Controller and perhaps the reason Actiontec was put on the fairly outdated 2011 list of non-recommended routers on the Control 4 site is that the Actiontec routers had very small NAT tables that would affect connections.  I'm running Actiontec rev I which has a table of over 100K entries so I think that shouldbn't be an issue.


My dealer is being a bit stubborn on wanting to get rid of the Actiontec altogether, but concerned it will break verizon support/troubleshooting etc, and make me buy unncessary services and gear (Actiontec Moca adapter - just to get VOD/guide lists working together).


Help appreciated so I can ensure network will be ready/sufficient for my Control 4 project.



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^They're all MI424s...  The CraptionTec is needed for your DVRs so it stays regardless of what you want to run downstream.  I have no problems with the VZ router and I have around 65 devices out & about.  I have used various routers from Netgear downstream of the 424 and ahead of a STM-150 Threat Management appliance and also have had no issues.  Either way, I don't think it has any impact on Control4. 


"Approved list" is to protect against the incredibly cheap (fill in the blank)...

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If you remove the fios router you will loss moca features like / on screen menus / caller ID / and if you have a fios dvr you will not be able to control it remotely .. No VOD or guide data for STBs. All you had to do is leave the fios router in place and put it into bridge mode ..then select any router of your choice...

If you really want to go the other rout call verizon and have the run cat6 from your ONT to any router you want ... But ithey have to program the ONT to do so

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I could be mis-understanding what you are trying to do but if your trying to bypass the actiontec but still keep all the verizon features its quite easy, I have done it many times.


1. you need to make sure that the internet from the ont is coming through ethernet and not moca. Verizon can change this for you but you have to call them to request this.

2. disconnect actiontec ethernet but keep the coax plugged in.

3. before plugin in a new router to the ONT ethernet, call verizon and tell them to break the dhcp lease.(thats it nothing else) (if the tech sounds confused ask him to reboot the ont which will also break the dhcp lease)(or you can power down the ont yourself, although not advisable)

4. plug-in the new router(its should get an ip automatically if its dynamic, if its static you have to manually set it)

5. change the dhcp ip from to 192.168.x.1 so it does not conflict with actiontec

6. plugin the actiontec wan port into one of the lan ports of the new router


everything should work, including vob, on demand, menu guides...etc.

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