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Door Station announcement and Intercom between floors

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I recently read a post on c4forums to be able to mute the local and remote room when using the intercom feature between touch panels.  I deployed this solution and it works great.  However, I now noticed that when the doorbell on the door station is pressed, it doesn't play the announcement through the speakers because it gets the incoming video call.  Any ideas on how it can be addressed?


My Settings:


session started - mute on

incoming call - mute on

session ended - mute off



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Possibly the announcement is triggered before the mute is triggered, muting the announcement. Easy enough to test by adding a longer delay before executing the announcement on doorbell press:


WHEN doorbell is pressed

delay 10 seconds



If the announcement plays this way, you know where your issue is. From there you can lower the delay to 500 ms and back up to find the sweet spot.

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