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Programming source delay


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I have an LG smart TV.  I created a separate source just so I could select "Netflix" from my watch list.  Selecting this source turns my AVR on to the correct input, turns my TV on and then runs my macro.  It also works correctly when switching sources.  


So here is the problem I am trying to fix.  

My TV has some bootup/startup items.  I programmed in delays that work perfectly for when the room is off and I am selecting my "Netflix" source first.  However, these delays are very annoying when the room is already on and I switch the source to Netflix.  The delays are only needed for room off ---> turning on.  If the room is already on, they aren't needed, just to clarify.


Anyone have any recommendations on how to program this since they removed the current-media variable?


Any help is appreciated.


Best Regards,

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This would be changed on a driver level for best result, the driver can be set to a 'start-up time' that puts further commands in queu until that built-in 'timer' is passed.


Besides that, you wouldn't use current_media anyway, you'd use current_selected_device which is still there.

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