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Director keeps getting disabled


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3 times in the past 6 weeks, we've had power outages that have depleted my UPS units. Each time, when power has been restored I find that Director is disabled on my HC1000V3.

This seems to have started after the update to 2.6.0. Does anyone know about this being a known bug? Anything I can do to fix?

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Hmm, there is a patch available that fixes an issue with drirector shutting down in some circumstances in 2.6 due to overruns, though how that ties into a power-out is a different matter.

One of the reported causes are unreachable IP connections though so it may be indirectly related to the power-out causing other devices from becoming unreachable.

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Cyknight. Thanks for sharing that information with me.


I tracked down the patch. I have noticed that the shutdown also coincides with my NAS surveillance (I have ONE IP cam that uses Surveillance Station on my NAS as opposed to the surveillance system that monitors the rest of the house) emailing me telling me the connection to the camera was lost. I assumed this was a power outage scenario initially, as the camera isn't on a UPS. But come to think of it, I actually have no evidence to support it was a power outage and more evidence to the contrary! I think it may have something to do with that camera.


Patch has been applied, and as suggested in the patch docs I updated 3 different drivers in my project (Marantz receiver, sensor bridge and something else I can't remember). Hopefully all will be well from here on out.




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Hi Guys,


Recently finished a large project, after the first week we started losing control with some ip drivers, Heatmiser Neo, Rako and a Denon AVR, we thought it was weird as we could ping all devices.... When we then deleted the IP address and re-added in the driver properties we gain control again. (temporarily)


Today we had another call back where the whole system had crashed, no link light on the HC800, IO extender, 3 x HC250's again we could ping all devices and were visible in system manager, We then noticed the Director had been disabled in the system manager status box. We enabled the director and everything came back to life. There were no power cuts, this really confuses us why this would happen.


Its a 2 hour drive to this site so you can imagine the frustration we are having.... 



Have your issues stopped Dan, and does this sound familiar... and where can I find the patch.


Any help would be much appreciated.







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