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Turn Fireplace on with TV


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I want to turn the fireplace switch on at night while I am watching TV, but only if the Temp on the lower level is <=70.

I have a Nest Thermostat and a fireplace switch.


Right now this is how I have it.

Fireplace Switch is truned off,

? If time is night time

    ? thermostate is less the or Equal to 70F

         (arrow) Turn the family room->Fireplace switch on


If i hit the execute button it works, but will not come on when I turn the TV on with the watch button on the remote.

It also will not turn on the fireplace when the TV is off.

So it looks like it is set correct, but how do I get it to come on with the TV during those situations?


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Ok, so here it is.

I think this might work, but the fireplace comes on when it's still day time.


Ok now it won't allow me to post a screen shot.

I just used prt sc and it tells me I can't post that type of image extention.

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What is you're trigger - what is the event that triggers that programming?


It should be something like:

WHEN Living TV is turned on

IF time is night-time

-IF temperature is less or equal...

--Turn on fireplace


Those "-" marks mean indenting the programming under the IF statement - you'll see the start of the next line moved slightly to the right of where the IF is at, two of them "--" means the second IF is under and to the right of the first IF.

So drag the "turn on" on top of the "IF temp" line, then drag the "IF temp" line on top of the "IF night" line


WHEN ....

IF time is night

(small step) IF temp is..

(TWO small steps) Turn on....

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