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Nest Protect warning and Fire


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The NEST gives the state in a form of a string variable - so you would need to use an IF statement based of that variable

In the Nest Protect driver itself, you would program off of:


WHEN SMOKE_ALARM changes (or CO_ALARM depending on what you want.

IF variable SMOKE_ALARM equals emergency {you'd have to type emergency, or any of the others itself}

-do what you want.


For either SMOKE or CO there are three possible values expected to be return, therefor you can program based on:





For completion:










Those represent the LED colors


ONLINE is a boolean so you just have a true/false option.

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The problem with asking is that even those of us who *wrote* the info on the Documentation tab can't remember it.




That's always the first question I ask if someone has issues with any of my drivers: "Did you read and follow *all* the instructions on the Documentation Tab?"



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