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dsc alarm integration zones

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Before 2.6 , I made a room called security and i put the driver and all the door window zones inside and I can see them on every room , for example a touch screen in the foyer

Now on 2.6. It doesn't show up . I have to put correspondent Zones inside the rooms itself

Is this normal?

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Yes, that is correct.

This is due to the fact that in 2.6 Sensors and Relays are moved (though an ongoing process yet) to 'logical' locations such as blinds being in comport sensors such as fire in security and so on.

With this change came the ability to properly HIDE or SHOW all of these in there rooms - this works much like lighting now.

Now if you DO have sensors in a room you will have the ability to change rooms in the appropriate section - or show all (again, this works the same as lighting).


Annoying side efect is that if there are NO sensors in an area, you don't get the sensor option - thus you can't swap rooms. (once more - just like lighting)


If you want sensors shown in a room, or in all rooms, you'll have to get the visibility set room by room (like lighting ;) )

I THINK this can be done via ComposerHE, though I'm not positive - can you set this for lighting ;)

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