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18TB dd Smart Server and 2 PopCorn Hour players


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Curious, what are you switching to?

As of now I am not switching to anything.  The unit was powered down since August and no one in the family has asked to watch or listen to anything on it.  There are very, very few movies that we watch more than once, and since the kids are a little older, they don't ask for the 'Disney' type movies over and over anymore.  We have mainly been using Netflix and Directv on demand for movies and Rhapsody for music.

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^ Thanks.

I've been thinking the same about movie server solutions and that it will likely be a short termish thing here also, so a synology and popbox will do that job in the near term.

Though if someone gives me a kalidescape for long term review I will accept.

Interestingly i had the Pandora Sonos set up error again yesterday. Mrs SMH used rhapsody radio instead and commented on how good it is. Pandora may even be on the outs.

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Selling my Diamond Design Smart Server with 7" Touchscreen - 18TB and two C-300 Popcorn Hour Media Players (one of which has a BluRay player installed)


Send me a message if interested.


I have a C200 and would like to know the best BDROM to use. If u could help

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