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Onkyo Integra Repair Program


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We have had multiple customers with Onkyo and Integra receivers with failed HDMI chipsets. Most common scenario is total or partial loss of HDMI audio / video with analog audio continuing to work OK.


These receivers are 2009 to 2012 various models.  Onkyo / Integra is offering free repair service, including free in / out shipping, even if out of warranty. For Onkyo you can do it all online http://www.onkyousa.com/Support/service_info.php (select 1st 2 of the 8 symptoms listed) and I believe you have to call in for Integra.

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My Onkyo HDMI board crapped out after two years. Just after the warranty expired. The only reason they fixed it was because I saw a letter at the repair centre telling another customer. Glad to see that 2 years later they are being a bit more upfront and active.

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