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Seeing as there are threads for wishlist items, I sincerely hope control4 reads this discussion group! My wishlist:

1. Having the access agent linked to a touchscreen or room rather than the whole project!

2. Having screen savers differ for each controller (touchscreen). I have this horrible feeling that someone will tell me screen savers go with the demise of flash? Hope not as I love using the Touchscreens as photo albums...

3. Having access to view (and edit - perhaps password controlled) all variables from a touch screen (and the app on the iPad)

4. Having cameras live when shown in grid view...

5. Being able to setup custom screens with buttons, text feedback, state feedback, photos etc. I.e. My hobbyhorse for now (StartHere app embedded in the OS).

If control4 read these posts, I would think of some more :-)

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