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Using a phone line to open a gate

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Reading a recent post made me wonder if anyone has a way to link a mobile phone to the intercom system and then open a gate. To explain further, our estate has a gate with an 'intercom' system which is essentially a telephone that phones a pre-programmed phone number for each resident. I currently have this set to my mobile, but could change it to another cheap mobile that stays in the house. When one answers, one can open the gate by pressing 9. We have another gate inside the estate with a doorstation intercom that works perfectly.

What I would like to do is somehow link the incoming call from the estate gate to the system. Speak to someone via the Touchscreen and then open the gate. Is this possible? Or even partially possible (e.g. Alert me via control4 that there is an incoming call to my mobile (or a new cheap mobile) from the phone number associated with the gate)?

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