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Need drivers badly : Sharp D64 and D65 series | Hisense


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Hey guys, I need some drivers badly. I could create them, but it is a giant pain! It isn't just the IR codes I need.

These drivers are available through C4's download option in composer but they are wrong. The inputs don't show up correctly. When I made the connection to Component, it isn't actually component input. If I make the connection to the write input, it won't let me make connections to the matrix as it shows in composer as composite.

Also, I am having trouble finding a good Hisense driver with SMART (netflix button)

The models I need are 


Thanks in advance!



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I did... They all seem to have the issue with inputs from what I can tell. I have tried all of those series in different sizes. At least they are all like that when I download them from C4 in composer. 

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Yeah, I just suck at that. Was hoping for just a driver that is known to be working. They were some of the most commonly sold TV's in the US 6 years ago so I figured someone would have had them. It is the same tv you see in basically every movie where a tv is shown. 


I am self taught with all of this stuff and I find the driver editor buggy and brutal. If it doesn't crash on me, it is just slow and painful. 

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