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Control4 Occupancy Simulator Driver - Mockupancy

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Hi guys,


Just got this email from Control4.  Haven't tried it myself yet though.



Control4 is please to announce the immediate availability of an occupancy simulation driver.

The main purpose of the driver is to provide dealers with a quick and simple way of providing customers with realistic lighting occupancy simulation when they are away. It does this by continually 'recording' the day to day lighting activity over a seven day period. When the customer is away the driver will 'playback' the lighting events.
The driver is very simple to set up on the system. The dealer simply selects which lights and blinds should be included in the playback from the list of all such devices in the project.
The driver will record the levels of all lights and blinds in the project every 15 minutes. During playback changes are randomized over 15 minute periods for best effect. You can optionally reduce the intensity of lighting during playback to save energy.
Recording and Playback can be initiated in one of three ways.
  • You can directly connect the driver to Control4 keypad buttons to start/stop recording or playback.
  • You can use custom programming
  • You can directly connect the driver in Composer to any Security System driver. Then playback will commence when the system is armed, and recording will recommence when the system is disarmed.
Optionally the driver can also add entertainment to the occupancy simulation mix. The driver can monitor the activity of a cable or satellite receiver in a specified room. During playback the driver will then select a specific channel on the device. An empty house is no longer a quiet house.
Although the driver is ready for deployment now we will be continuing to develop this driver. Control4 are open to suggestions on additional features that could be added to the driver in the future.
You can find the driver in Composer under 'others' - 'Control4' - 'Mockupancy'.


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