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Looking for Remote Integration Help

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My dealer is currently busy and i'm hoping somebody can help me with a few things he hasn't had time to respond to.  I believe I have all the hardware configuration setup the way I need it, so i'm hoping these can be done remotely.  It would be great if somebody could help this weekend. 


I need:


1) To switch from IR controlled WMC HTPC to IP network controlled

2) Along with #1 above, I need to find out what the pricing is on IP network control WMC drivers and see what the best options are (I'm looking for a 2 way IP driver so that it can interact with the control4 media I'll organize through my media)

3) To make the Control4 system recognize my NAS as a media source.  The Nas is already on my network, and houses all of my Movies that I currently view through WMC.  

4) Look into IP drivers for my FireTV (or FireTV stick)


Could you ping me if you are interested or available?  I can provide more information on the system as needed.



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So I have a FireTV device and it shows a driver loaded in Composer, but other than being able to switch to an input on my switch, the system doesn't interact with it in any way.


Here is what it says in the documentation tab:


Amazon FireTV
Driver Version: [v1 rev20140411]
Online Documentation: https://www.houselogix.com/
Technical Support Site: http://support.houselogix.com
This driver provides control functionality for the Amazon FireTV through 2 interfaces at the same time.
IR - This driver provides IR control of the following hardware:
Navigator interface kep maps:
Directional Arrows
Skip Fwd/Rev
IP - This driver provides IP control of the FireTV DIAL (Discovery and Launch) interface.
You must click the Discover FireTV button on the action tab.
This will allow starting and stopping of DIAL enabled applications over IP.
Speed Dial: 
These map to the keypad on the navigator interface. You must enter a DIAL application name, which is not necessarily
the exact name of the application as it displays on the Amazon FireTV. The application must support it ON THE FIRETV, and at this time, it appears only YouTube
is implementing this feature. The application name registry can be found at http://www.dial-multiscreen.org/dial-registry/namespace-database
Please note, just because the application is on the registry, does not mean the developers have implemented it yet.
FireTV IP: 
This is not required on networks that have only 1 FireTV. Pressing the "Discover FireTV" button will find a FireTV on the network.
In installations that have more than 1 FireTV, this field will limit the driver to a specific IP address.
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Unfortunately I don't think the IP was defined, because it didn't work even while the installer was here.  I haven't had any responses or PMs for remote install, but hopefully if somebody is interested they can look at this as well.  

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